NCR Boston Division – Standalone

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NCR Boston Division – Standalone

New California Republic Boston Division – Standalone
“A Safe People is a Strong People”


This mod adds content which adds 6 outfits, 3 helmets and 2 vests from the NCR into your game.

When the Creation Kit comes out, I will ensure that the mod is further expanded, and that they are added to the correct locations where they should be found.

Contents of Mod:

1, NCR Trooper Uniform
1, NCR Corporal Uniform
1, NCR Sergeant Uniform
1, NCR Lieutenant Uniform
1, NCR Captain Uniform
1, NCR Major Uniform
1, NCR Military Police Uniform
1, NCR Lieutenant Helmet
1, NCR Major Helmet
1, NCR Helmet
1, NCR Military Police Vest
1, NCR Trooper Vest
Observe: As the G.E.C.K. is not out yet, there is currently no legitimate way of acquiring the uniform, this means that you will have to use console commands to get them:

How to get the Uniforms:

On English keyboards the “Tilde” key, or “§” key will open the console, the command you want to use is “Player.additem xxxxxxxx 1 (or more depending on how many you want)”
“xx” – What order the .esp is loaded in

Item codes of items:
xx000800 – NCR Trooper Uniform
xx000802 – NCR Corporal Uniform
xx000805 – NCR Captain Uniform
xx000807 – NCR Major Uniform
xx000809 – NCR Military Police Uniform
xx00080B – NCR Sergeant Uniform
xx00080C – NCR Lieutenant Helm
xx00080F – NCR Major Helmet
xx000810 – NCR Military Police Vest
xx000813 – NCR Trooper Vest
xx000815 – NCR Trooper Helmet

To determined what numbers you need to put in the “xx” value, you will need to go to:
1. C:\Users\YOURUSERNAMEHERE\AppData\Local\Fallout4
2. open “Plugins”
3. count starting from the top with Fallout4.esm, until you reach “NCR_Boston_Detatchement.esp”, then write that number for the “xx” part.

My example:
My current Plugin list looks like this:
This is 00 – Fallout4.esm
This is 01 – SSEx.esp
This is 02 – IncreasedSettlerPopulation30.esp
This is 03 – SettlerRenaming.esp
This is 04 – BrighterSettlementLights.esp
This is 05 – NCR_Boston_Detatchment.esp

This means that if I wanted to spawn a “NCR Trooper Uniform”, I would type the following:
“player.additem 05000800 1” (the xx becomes 05 as it is the 5th plugin i am loading). This should give me 1x NCR Trooper Uniform. If I change the 1 at the very end, to 3, I would get 3 Uniforms.

The “xx” or “05”, could be different for you guys, depending on my .esp’s load order, always refer to your Fallout4 Plugins text file first.

Alternatively, you can through the console type: help NCR 0, and the codes will pop up.


– Updated mod to include the missing .esp file, woops.

Installation Instructions:

Go to:
C:\Users\”YourUserName”\Documents\My Games\Fallout4
Find: “sResourceDataDirsFinal=STRINGS\”
Change it to:
Then drag and drop the “Textures” folder into your “Fallout4/Data” folder.

Please leave feedback on how I can improve my mods, or how much you enjoyed it, I’d love to hear from you guys!

Thanks, CelsiuZ

Credits: CelsiuZ
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