Power Armor Cosmetic Paints (PACP)

Power Armor Cosmetic Paints (PACP)


Some people wanted paints to be only cosmetic, and why the hell not?

What does this do?

It makes Power Armors’ original paints have no increase/decrease in any value: no weight modification, no value modification and no cost to create/apply.
The “Atom Cats” paint still requires the “pattern” from the shop though.
And every faction paint still requires you to do the original quests that grant them.

Recommended to use alongside my other mod: Power Armor Materials AND Paints (PAMaP)

How to install?

Automatically: For this, you need the Nexus Mod Manager (aka NMM), which you actually can find on top of every nexusmods.com page.
Download it, install it and configure it to find your Fallout 4.
Then, in the download section of my mod (or any mod you want), use “DOWNLOAD WITH MANAGER”, it may ask you for a permission, just allow it.
Nexus Mod Manager should be open (even if it wasn’t already), now go to the “Mods” tab, find the correct category if you uses them (should be “Gameplay Effects and Changes”) and double left click the mod to activate it.

How to remove?

Automatically: Just double left click the mod in NMM again to deactivate it.
Or right click it and select “uninstall mod”.
If you don’t want any trace left, then finish it by clicking on the red “X” on the left of the software, while having the mod selected.

Installing/Uninstalling consequences:

It should not cause any issue, just make sure that you are not loading a save in which you are in a painted power armor, or if so, you will need to get out and back in it for the effect (or lack of) to be applied properly.


Any mod not interfering with Power Armors’ original paints.
Any mod adding paints, but if they come with their own effects, they will keep them.
Any mod altering textures, since my mod does not touch any texture at all.


It would most likely conflict with any mod that changes the base power armors’ paints, since I modified that.

– Conflicts with Better Armor Mod Descriptions by TakaruMinari : Just make sure that “PA_Cosmetic_Paints.esp” is loaded after BAMD’s file(s).
Here is a mod load order example:

Known Issues:

– Mining Helmets get a paint slot.
Fixed since v1.01

I may have overlooked a few things (or more than a few), so feel free to report any problem you see.

This mod was made with FO4Edit.

Credits: Mcgan
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