Project Murphy

Project Murphy

VERSION: 1.5.0 ~ Last updated 3/28/16

With Video Version – Adds “The Wanderer” intro video with better music to your game; however will replace any current main menu mod you may have.
Without Video Version – Adds better music to your game ONLY with no intro video replacement for a cooler experience.
Intro Video with V.1 Intro Music- Same as Without Video Version but has the remixed Version 1 song in it as requested

John Murphy is a legend when it comes to dramatic, emotional and scene settings music. His music was featured in movies such as 28 Days later, 28 Weeks later, Last House on the Left, Sunshine, etc.

This mod is an overhaul to Fallout 4’s music excluding radio. Each scenario Bethesda has put music to, a John Murphy songs (as well as others) has been expertly picked, converted, edited and exported into its place.
This mod replaces:
Combat Music and Boss Combat Music
Day and night outside exploration
General Urban, Coastal exploration
All dungeon music
Replaces special music replacement

More songs will be added in time
These songs have not just randomly been placed into slots. Each song has been chosen to where it fits best in each given scenario.
For a playlist of the songs picked please go to this playlist:

And oh yea baby, it’s immersive…
Any suggestions please feel free to PM me


~Coming Soon~
Music replacement for the Glowing Sea, Public Cities, etc. etc.
Far Harbor


Notes from the Author
I in no way will or want to make any financial gain to this mod in any means. anyone assisting will not be compensated either
Thanks for all the day one love <3
I will try and answer as many questions or comments you may have


Contact information:
Business Email:
Twitter: @TheTeaWolf

(c) to artists listed:
John Murphy
Kjetil Lovold (remix’d song)
This will destroy you
Arkadiusz Reikowski (remixed by PurFael)
Main Menu thanks to AGreatWeight
Simon Viklund
Clint Mansell


Legal Disclaimer

I appreciate all comments regarding copyright infringement. I would like to state that under legal iterations that this mod is fine and follows under the same copyright that any radio mod will fall under. With those stated, i appreciate your concern and would like to make a couple things clear:
Under absolutely all means necessary I (and anyone else associated with the mod) are making any type of financial gain nor getting any reimbursement for the work done here
Like any mod about music in the Fallout Nexus (such as any given radio mod) this mod follows under correct copy claim
All and I mean ALL songs and authors have been credited
All songs have been purchased one way or another by myself (not that that makes a difference)

Credits: Purfael
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What is this mod use for

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