Radio Wolf – Classical Radio Replacer

Radio Wolf – Classical Radio Replacer

The Wolf – A mysterious personality that has found an old relay and pumped up the output to overtake the Classical Radio signal. He’s a gruff, foul-mouthed cynic who has a love for hard rock and anarchy.

Alright so this is my current workfile, I’m in the process of replacing all the music with royalty free tracks. Thanks to everyone for their suggestions.

I’m open to all suggestions, recommendations, and contributions from any musically inclined friends out there who would like to hear their original music in game.

The Announcer does use copious amounts of indecent language, so if that’s a no go for you, I’m sorry.

Thank you to everyone for the PMs of support. I will be making the announcer .wav files available to any modder who wants to incorporate them into their own radio station, just as soon as I find a reasonable way to host large files. I’m currently in the process of recording an additional 12 announcer tracks to flesh out the character of the Wolf a little bit and add some more flavor for raider sympathizers.

I’m especially interested in working with anyone who has plans to create a mod that makes the Raider Faction an expanded aspect of the game. I’d love to work with you to make Raider Radio into the Radio Freedom for the Raider Faction once the tools are available.

You can PM me here or find me on reddit as u/raiderradio

The wolf is based on a long tradition of outspoken and controversial radio hosts, personal heroes of mine like George Carlin and Lenny Bruce. He’s a no nonsense humanist, and genuinely feels that over-civilization is the biggest danger to humanity. He sympathizes with raiders because they don’t pretend to be anything else, and he sees himself as a rallying force for them. The ultimate goal of this mod, once the tools are available, is to add a layer of immersion to the player’s experience with the seemingly mindless raiders that fill the commonwealth. With call-outs to minor, undefined characters like Tower Tom, the Forged, the Gunners, and (eventually) other named mobs in the game world, hopefully the Wolf will provide just a little bit of reflection in the otherwise blood soaked idiom of “kill everyone in the building” quests.

I tried to present the wolf as an anti-heroic entity, counterpoint for the efforts of the Sole Survivor, to provide a ‘reaction’ if you will to the way the vault-dweller is changing the commonwealth. I don’t know how to do the scripting to unlock certain voice-over elements after the completion of related in game events, the way that Travis reacts to the things that the SS does; but I’d love to be able to have him comment on specific settlements once they’re founded, or react to in game things like the arrival of the brotherhood. If anyone can help me out with this stuff, i’d appreciate it.

Credits: Raider Radio
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