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Rain’s Aid Balance


Currently, this mod does the following:
Extends the healing of most food items in the game. They will heal about as much as vanilla, but will take much longer to fill up your health.
For items that are not extended, some values are slightly changed.
Most raw items will have more rads. Some raw items are unchanged.
Quest, Chems, Devices and Miscellaneous items under the aids tab are untouched. Chems and Devices may be changed in future versions.
Pre-War food will generally heal more health per second but with lower duration; they will heal less health, in general and also be irradiated.
Cooked food will generally have lower health per second but with longer duration; they will heal more health, in general and also give buffs.
Nuka-Cola heals at 1 health per second when not Ice-Cold; Ice-Cold variants will heal 50% more health total at a faster rate.
With Wasteland Survival 3 Mag perk, Pre-War will heal 1 extra health per second while Nuka-Cola heals at twice the speed.
Overall, it will become harder to stuff your face and recover your health mid-battle.



If you are playing on Survival, make sure that you swap your difficulty to Very Hard, exit the menu, then swap it back to Survival. Otherwise, values on the aid items may not change. You may want to do this for both New and Load games.

Survival Difficulty makes it so that healing items take ten times as long to heal you for the same amount of health. This includes chems and food. With the upcoming changes to survival difficulty as well, this will make eating a very important part of your long-term recovery.



Check the Installation section for instructions.
Choice Chopped
Valdacil’s Item Sorting


As mentioned in the summary. this extends the healing for most food items in the game. I felt that food recovered your health too fast, and healing became a trivial task, even in survival difficulty. I sought to fix this by making sure healing wasn’t as easy, so I made this mod for myself. I decided to also upload this mod and share it with the community who might be after a mod like this.

Food is incredibly common in the Commonwealth (as are Chems, but mods can fix that), so I wanted a way to take advantage of that in terms of player playstyles. I realized that you could eat a bunch of food out of or mid-combat and recover your health much faster and outheal damage, but that’s because most food would just recover everything in a short period of time.

In vanilla, I only need to eat a few food items to get a ridiculous health recovery, so eventually I had a huge surplus of food. With this mod, that becomes much harder. You could stuff your face with as much food as you did before, but the healing will still take time. You won’t be recovering a lot of health in a short period after eating 3-4 items; you might have to eat a lot more to get the same amount of recovery, thus reducing your food supply.

This might even work in favour for Survival difficulty changes in the future – it’s possible that there’s mechanics to prevent over-eating, so that makes food choices incredibly important. That being said, this will play into how I choose to develop this mod in the future. I haven’t touched Stims or Chems yet in this mod, but I plan to.



Install the appropriate version via a mod manager or extract the ESP into your Fallout4/Data folder.
To ensure food items are updated accordingly, swap between Survival Mode and your difficulty of choice (or vice-versa).

If you use Valdacil’s Item Sorting, download the VIS version and put it beneath the Valdacil’s Item Sorting mods. Otherwise, you can use the vanilla version instead. The Valdacil’s Item Sorting version currently features the vanilla weight version of the Aid Sorting ESP, though if enough people request it I will make the reduced weight version.

If you use Choice Chopped , then download the appropriate optional file (VIS or non-VIS version). Put the add-on below Choice Chopped.

To uninstall, simply remove the ESP, either via mod-manager or manually.
Remember to swap between difficulties to re-update the healing rate.



This mod will be compatible to most mods, but it will NOT be compatible with mods that change Food items. This will include item sorting mods and weight altering mods for the items that are affected by this mod. However, there is a Valdacil’s Item Sorting compatible version.

There is a Choice Chopped add-on



This is just a small mod at the moment that tries to address a big issue in Fallout’s post-apoc survival playstyle, which is how easy it is to recover health. Healing items and sources of healing are abundant and plentiful, so future plans might include altering rarity in container lists and the mechanics of how chems work.

My future plans for the mod will include:
Balancing radiation gain from all food sources
Figuring out how to balance Stimpak healing
Work on balancing chems and alcohol
See if it’s possible to avoid stacking food effects
Balance the mod when the new Survival mode update hits



Feel free to post a comment to let me know of anything that might happen in your file or if there’s suggestions you would like to make. I can’t guarantee they’ll all come true, but if they’re a good idea and compatible with what I plan on doing with this mod, I’ll see what I can do.



Thank you to Valdacil of Valdacil’s Item Sorting for letting me make and upload a VIS-compatible version.
Thank you to ThoraldGM of Choice Chopped for letting me make an add-on/compatibility patch for my mod to work with his mod.

Credits: Rainwhisker
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