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Red Rocket Safehouses

Red Rocket Safehouses

What is this mod?

This is just a simple mod that adds a map marker and a workbench to all of the Red Rocket locations.
I decided to make this mod because I was doing a playthrough without using fast travel and wanted to have safehouses scattered around the commonwealth. Now that bethesda has announced the new survival mode (which will not allow fast travel), I decided to release this incase anyone else wants to use it. There are 8 new locations in the main file. There is a workbench in all of the new locations and a workbench was added to the Red Rocket by Fort Hagen.


That will turn on god mode which gets rid of the “there are enemies nearby” problem.
When you’re done building, just type “tgm” again to turn god mode off!

Can I use this as a settlement with settlers?

Not yet. Making it possible to attract settlers would mean I would have to
get rid of another settlement and use these as substitutes, also it causes the cell reset bug.

Why can’t I scrap alot of the clutter in the safehouses?

Fallout 4 combines worldspace objects for performance reasons.
In other words, some objects are literally attached to the map and cannot be moved.
There is a setting in the fallout ini file that stops objects from latching on to the worldspace,
however this causes a SEVERE performance decrease.
I plan on individually removing objects but this will take time.
So until further notice, there is nothing that can be done about the clutter.

Misc. Info

In the optional file, there are 3 extra map markers for the Red Rocket quick fill stations.
All 3 have a cellar door which acts as a secret entrance to one of the safehouses.
I understand that this isnt the most immersive thing to add, which is why its an optional file 🙂

Im open to ideas so feel free to leave suggestions in the posts section.
Also make sure to let me know if you encounter any bugs!

Credits: mattsahuman
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