Riverfront Sanctuary blueprint

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Riverfront Sanctuary blueprint

Sanctuary riverfront. A somewhat unusual interpretation of Sanctuary. Everything is concentrated in a narrow strip along the river leaving you to do whatever you want with the majority of the place.

These are two rather different blueprints. Please read the description carefully.

This is a riverfront settlement based on Sanctuary water overhaul You Can use the blueprint without it. But it will look odd.

I suggest you get rid of the hammer markers up by the workbench house: Stop hammering

I’ve tested it with various road and/or bridge overhauls. And it works well to decent. Likewise it goes nicely together with Sanctuary Lite

For “Premium Class” I’ve used an old copy of Modular Kitchen which is no longer on Nexus. If you don’t have it you need to add your own kitchen to the player house. But only there.

There’s no power grid as such. I put generators of various kinds next to where power is needed.

What you get:
“Monkey Class” is very basic. And it’s within the budget. 5 tier 2 vendors on the ground floor. Sparsely decorated. Upstairs are 4 apartments with beds only. Another few beds in the shack to the right. And a field of tatos. Basic defenses.

“Premium Class” adds a lot more turrets and water. Vendors are more elaborately decorated. The Fish farm needs a worker and supplies food. The same applies to the fish cleaning table. I put a vendor rug by the fish scale just to clutter up that corner. There’s a restaurant/bar which needs two workers. One for the kitchen. The other one for the bar.

I scrapped the workbenches and build a workshop with 3 new ones.

I also moved the spawn point and the fast travel marker down close to the bridge.

The player house in the river needs you to be able to build outside the normal build zone. At least if you want to be able to add plants to the greenhouse etc. I use Build high But there are other mods doing the same.

How to do it:
I suggest you do all the scrapping/looting before you install “Sanctuary river overhaul”

Both: Scrap the retaining wall all the way up to the bridgehead. Scrap the debris and junk next to it as well. Including the park benches.
Both: Scrap the ruined house to the left of the bridgehead – and all the junk next to it. Including the lamp post.

Only “Monkey class”: Scrap the tree trunks etc between the two houses on either side of the path up to the vault. I put a guard post by the roadside there.

Only “Premium Class”: Scrap the blue house to the right of the bridgehead. Including the cooking station, stairs and the driveway. You can leave the fence and doghouse if you want.

Credits: Bernt
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