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SPECIAL Randomizer plus Bobbleheads Aren’t Magic


I’ve always been of the opinion that SPECIAL skills represented the potential a given character was born with, and the various perks are the things the character has learned to do within the limits of his/her capabilities. This mod attempts to bring that philosophy into the game.


This mod alters the functionality of the ‘You’re SPECIAL!’ book found in Shaun’s room in Sanctuary Hills. Instead of allowing you to increase a SPECIAL skill by one point it randomizes all of your special skills, in a range from 1 to 10. What this means is that you could roll boxcars and get straight 10s or snakeeyes and get all 1s…or anything in-between. The book is still one-time use. While it’s meant to be used on a new character, it CAN be used on an existing one…but you will/may have to adjust your actual perks accordingly via console commands (NOTE: you will have to play with the console to be able to re-read the book with an existing character). Once the G.E.C.K. comes out and/or F4SE gets some added functionality I plan to automate the process to work with existing characters.

It also incorporates my other brand-new mod, Bobbleheads Aren’t Magic, so that what you roll you’re stuck with. Currently, I haven’t figured out a way to prevent you from assigning perk points to SPECIAL skills when you level up, so you’ll just have to restrain yourself for now until (or if) I can figure that out.

Comes in two versions, standard and LITE; the standard version removes the effects from ALL bobbleheads, and the LITE version just removes the effects of the SPECIAL bobbleheads.

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1) If you happen to roll less than 6 Charisma, you’re naturally unable to get the Local Leader perk and thus unable to set supply lines. I can’t do anything about that just yet, so either you’ll have to make an exception and spend points on Charisma or just open the console and use ‘player.addperk 0004d88d’. The perk will work even if you have less than 6 Charisma. Also, Perk-Free Workshop makes a good companion mod to this.

Credits: digitaltrucker
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