Straight Line Grenades

Straight Line Grenades

Ever get sick of your grenades flying in those stupid arcs and not really going much of anywhere?

Ever want all your grenades to behave like a Molotov Cocktail and explode on contact (along with flying in a straight line)?

After a few hours of random hex editing trial, error, and compare and contrast, guess who found the hex code that controls gravity on projectiles?… This Guy!

All your grenades are now undereducated, never studied physics, and thus have no clue what gravity is!

I bring to you my tenth weapon related mod “Straight Line Grenades”!

AMMO/Mod Info!!!:
As I mentioned before, this mod works with YOUR grenades, the ones in YOUR inventory, or that YOU randomly find in the game laying around.

***This mod only works with in game grenades currently, it will not work with standalone modded grenades.***

The 11 Grenades that now have no clue what gravity is are as follows:
Baseball Grenade
Cryogenic Grenade
Both EM Pulse Grenades
Frag Grenade
HalluciGen Gas Grenade (aka Frenzy Grenade)
Molotov Cocktail
Nuka Grenade
Plasma Grenade
Both Synth Beacon Grenades

*****In order for me to use the grenades in your inventory, and not some standalone grenades that I added to the game, I had to override the respective grenade projectiles in the game. Meaning now if a Raider or another enemy throws a grenade at you, that grenade will also not have gravity and explode on contact.*****

*****You HAVE to see the Green (now straight) grenade throwing line, in order to actually make contact with the grenade that you are throwing. If you do not see the line the grenade will likely go out of range before it hits anything.*****

If you have my “8 in 1 Grenade Launcher” Mod, this will NOT override the projectile that those use, they will still have gravity… for now.

****I am currently working on locting the specific (probably) chain of Hex Codes in the projectile that effect the speed of the projectiles, once located there will be more mods added.****

The projectiles that these grenades use are altered forms of their own respective in game grenade projectiles. I just went into their brain and made them undereducated.

**All of these projectiles have no clue what gravity is, and will never pretend to be a parabola and arc.**

***I have stopped making videos of my mods, due to horrid wireless internet and upload speeds, if anyone makes a video of this or other mods of mine PM me and I will happily add it… I do ask that you please endorse it though if you liked it.***

None one of these grenades will be broken down into its own seperate .esp file.

***The in game craftable grenades will also work with this mod, as long as I didn’t forget to add one.***

*This is my twelfth mod for Fallout 4. I still do not know everything, so please go easy on me if I do not know how to fix or understand an issue that randomly comes up.*

*****As long as you do not use this mod for monetary gain, feel free to use this mod however you please, but give me credit, and I would appreciate a PM letting me know what you are tinkering with.*****

****I am now taking feasible gravity related requests as it relates to projectiles in this game, weather you want me to add or get rid of the gravity on a projectile let me know what it is and if you want me to add gravity how much (Compare it to a projectile in the game already: Ex. Make the Plasma projectile sink like a Mini Nuke fired from the Fat Man.). I would like to combine several of your requests (if I get many) into a new mod that I will release later.****

***If you want me to take the gravity off of someone else’s mod, I will need their permission first, if you can get that for me ahead of time I would appreciate it and the process will go faster. Tell them to PM me if there is a problem or questions.***

All of these grenades are NOT standalone weapons, but still use an .esp file. This file will go into your Fallout4 -> Data folder. If you have a desktop icon right click it and “Open File Location” then drop it into the Data folder. If you just hit “Play” on Steam then go to Program Files -> Steam -> steamapps -> Common -> Fallout4 -> Data.

I guess various mod managers will automagically recognize the .esp and check it off. I do not use one for FO4 and if you do not either then go here: Users -> (Your Computer Name) -> AppData -> Local -> Fallout4 -> plugins.txt. Add the line without quotes “StraightLineGrenades.esp” under the Fallout4.esm in whichever load order you wish.

To acquire the grenades look for them or craft them as they do not have standalone codes, but I am sure many people have tons laying around anyway.

Credits/Thank Yous!!!:
Thanks to Bethesda of course for the game.

Thanks to the makers of FO4Edit as well which is a great tool with a very minuscule learning curve also.

Thanks to my tester MR TORGUE aka Derpsdale aka myself.

This mod is brought to you from the sick twisted mind of myself, using FO4Edit, if you wish to use this mod or part of it in another mod please read the disclaimer section above, and give me some credit.

Thank you for your downloads/endorsements (hopefully), more weapons to come…

Enjoy the “new” grenades that have no clue what gravity is!!

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Credits: Derpsdale
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