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Japanese shintoism shrine in Tenpines Bluff. Here is where Miko is.

In Japan, there is a tradition of going to a shintoism shrine on January 1st.
But We cant go because of Corona.
I couldn’t help it, so I built a shrine in Tenpines Bluff.

The architectural style has been reproduced as much as possible.
Its Taisha-style building.

Whats shinto shrine?
This is the place where the miko is.
Whats miko?
Shrine maiden. Sailor Mars, Rei Hino. Tofu, Reimu. Inuyasha, Kikyo. etc…

Building description
Honden: Shrine building.
Torii: ⛩ A gate that separates the sanctuary.
Komainu: Guadian dog statue.
Shamusyo : The building where Miko waits. They also sell amulets.
Tyouzuya: Hand cleansing facility. The bathing has been simplified.
RamenShop: As people gather at the shrine, people who do business with them also come.

-380 Items
-13 water
-8 food
-100 Electricity
-108 Defense
-Bench work: Weapon, Armor, Chemistry
-2 shops

Requirement MODs
↑ Open the “Requirement”!
You need to use all these mods.
I also wrote which mods was used for what. Hmm, As far as I remember.

Manual only
Things to do at Tenpines Bluff
●Increase the building ceiling more than double at Console or G2M or Cheat Terminal or etc.
●Remove the ruins. Tree & bush. Other than that, it remains as it is.
File location
\Fallout 4\Data\F4SE\Plugins\TransferSettlements\blueprints\1~100(Choose one unused number)\.json file
\Modding\MO2\overwrite\F4SE\plugins\TransferSettlements\blueprints\1~100(Choose one unused number)\.json file

Credits: TunaWatanabe
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