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Useful Commands

—Useful Commands—


A set of very simple bat files that seeks to make certain long form console tasks a bit easier, with a nice easy to remember set of commands that can make testing/cheating a lot simpler.


Because I thought that a lot of things you may want to do were possibly very arduous, so I took the time to put this together so you don’t have to.


Simply drop the contents of the “Useful Commands” folder (but not the folder itself) into your main Fallout 4 directory. Use the “bat ucHELP” command in the console in-game to get started.

Current Commands

“bat ucMIDNIGHT” – Sets the time to midnight.
“bat ucMIDDAY” – Sets the time to mid-day.
“bat ucAFFINITY” – Click on a companion and then use this command, it will set affinity to max
“bat ucCHECKAFFINITY” – Click on a companion and use this command to check your currenty affinity level

–Power Armour Spawning–
“bat ucRaider” – Spawns a Raider II power armour set.
“bat ucT45” – Spawns a T-45 set.
“bat ucT51” – Spawns a T-51 set.
“bat ucT60” – Spawns a T-60 set.
“bat ucX01” – Spawns an X-01 set.
“bat ucFRAME” – Spawns a power armour frame.
“bat ucFIX” – Click on the power armour frame and then use this command to avoid a possible crash.

“bat ucMAGS” – Adds all collectable magazines.
“bat ucBOBBLE” – Adds all bobbleheads. (Must be dropped and picked up to apply bonuses)
“bat ucMODELS” – Adds all collectible models to your inventory

“bat ucMATS” – Adds 10,000 of all crafting materials. (Use this next to a workshop or activate tgm)
“bat ucAMMO” – Adds 10,000 of all ammo types.
“bat ucCAPS” – Adds 10,000 caps.
“bat ucGUNS” – Adds one of every gun.
“bat ucMELEE” – Adds one of every melee weapon.
“bat ucARMOUR” – Adds one of every base armour.
“bat ucOUTFIT” – Adds one of every outfit.
“bat ucCLOTHING” – Adds one of every item of clothing.
“bat ucHEADWEAR” – Adds one of every headwear item.
“bat ucUNIQUE” – Adds all spawnable unique weapons.

“bat ucSPECIAL” – Sets all special skills to Rank 10.
“bat ucPERKS” – Sets all perks to max rank.
“bat ucCRAFTPERK” – Sets all crafting perks to max level (Scrapper not included).


I’d very much like to improve this mod, being able to store all these files in a folder tidily would be amazing (if I knew how) and removing the need to use the “bat” command would help immensely. If anyone knows how I would go about doing this or would like to do it themselves, please let me know, that way I can begin expanding the functionality of the mod!

Credits: SirDoombox
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