You Talk Too Much

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You Talk Too Much

Do you ever shutup?

Makes several changes to the way NPCs engage in conversations with you as well as other NPCs. From battle taunts to idle chatter, the amount of chit-chat will be heavily reduced.

You choose the reduction amount: 25% reduction, 50% reduction, 75% reduction, or remove NPC vocal chords altogether.

Click the download with NMM button and activate.

Deactivate in NMM.

Load Order:


Q: Why did you create this?
A: I don’t like feeling like the most important person in the wasteland. There’s no reason for every single NPC to stop whatever they are doing to engage in small talk with me just because I walk by. Once in a while it’s to be expected, but every single NPC, every time? That’s a bit much…

Q: Isn’t there a mod already like this?
A: Not like this… There are several mods that are for the most part carbon copies of each other. Most make changes to a single game setting called “fAIMinGreetingDistance”. This is insufficient as it only changes the minimum distance an NPC has to be from you to engage you, but fails to lower the frequency of their chatter. Some mods remove NPC chatter altogether, which isn’t a great idea as it will break quests.

Q: What makes yours any different?
A: In addition to “fAIMinGreetingDistance” I have also changed:


*The installer contains 4 different versions with individually adjusted values. Values above reflect the “50% Less Chatter” setting.

Q: Is this compatible with…?
A: This is fully compatible with everything that doesn’t change fAIMinGreetingDistance. The only mods to change this setting are mods that stop NPCs from talking. There’s no reason to be using those mods anyway if you’re using this.

Recommended mods:

No Player Comments by fadingsignal.
His mod silences your voiced protagonist when certain events are triggered (saying “sweet” after picking locks, or the worst… “F*CKING KILL!” after using psycho). His mod is completely compatible and highly recommended.

My other FO4 mods:

Credits: akkalat85
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