AmmoTweaks – Crafting and More

AmmoTweaks – Crafting and More

AmmoTweaks – Crafting and More

This mod adds a crafting system for ammunition influenced by Fallout New Vegas and science(!). It also includes a few tweaks for ammunition types and optional changes to leveled lists containing ammunition since ammo was a bit too common for my taste.
Several options are included, and everything that affects base forms is optional (unless you use the full version).

I intend to add a lot of features over time (and plan to provide support for this mod for as long as possible).

I’m aware of the other mods that add ammo crafting to the game, and think variety is a good thing. It will be interesting to see the different implementations others come up with.

The following features are currently included:

Crafting System:
– New workstations: Reloading Bench, Explosives Workbench, Energy Recharging Bench (using weapons workbench meshes for now)
– More stuff to build in your settlements πŸ˜€
– New items: Shell casings, empty energy cells, primers and gunpowder.
– Gunpowder Bottle based on Acid component mesh
– Primer Boxes based on Asbestos component mesh
– Drained Plasma Cartridges and Alien Cells with custom materials/textures
– Almost every ammo type usable by the player can be crafted.
– Exceptions: Faction grenades (flare, smoke, etc.)
– Cannonballs require that you did what you have to do to get the weapon that fires them (as spoiler-free as possible)
– Mine + Grenade recipes have been moved to the Explosives Workbench
– Fertilizer cost has been replaced with gunpowder
– Added Nuka-Grenade and Nuke Mine recipes (with high perk requirements)
– Molotov Cocktails are still crafted at the Chemistry Lab
– Breaking down ammo
– returns a Disassembled round of the proper caliber with components:
– shell casing, primer, gunpowder, lead

(optional) Weapon tweaks:
– New ammunition types: 20 Gauge Shotgun shells, Small Energy Cells
– Combat Shotguns use 20 Ga. Shells
– Institute Lasers use Small Energy Cells
– Note: companion and quest-related weapons are not edited.
– Renamed Shotgun Shells to 12 Ga. Shotgun Shells
– Renamed Fusion Cells to Microfusion Cells (for consistency with previous titles)

(optional) Leveled lists:
– Shell Casings and Drained Cells are distributed to leveled lists
– 25% chance of a shell casing per bullet, 10% chance of a drained cell per energy cell.
– (if using Weapon Tweaks) New ammo is added to loot and vendor lists
– 2 choices, normal and rare
– Rare version changes:
– Less ammo on NPCs and in containers
– Vendor ammo decreased by about 50-60%
– 75% less fusion cores on vendors, each having a 2/3 chance of being drained

Crafting Instructions:

– Building a reloading bench requires its associated perk, same components as a weapons workbench.
– Reloading Bench: Gun Nut 1
– Energy Recharging Bench: Science 1
– Explosives Workbench: Demolitions Expert 1

– Reloading rounds/shells:
– Station: Reloading Bench
– Perk: Gun Nut
– Components: Shell Casings, Lead, Gunpowder, and Primers

– Recharging energy cells/cartridges:
– Station: Energy Recharging Bench
– Perks: Science! and Nuclear Physicist (for higher end ammo)
– Components: Drained Cells and Nuclear Material

– Shell casings:
– Station: Reloading Bench
– Perk: Gun Nut
– Component: Steel

– Empty energy cells:
– Station: Energy Recharging Bench
– Perks: Science! and Nuclear Physicist (for higher end ammo)
– Components: Lead, Ceramic and Copper

– Bottles of Gunpowder:
– Station: Chemistry Lab
– Perk: Gun Nut 1
– Components: Plastic, Wood, Acid and Fertilizer

– Boxes of Primers:
– Station: Explosives Workbench
– Perk: Gun Nut 1
– Components: Plastic, Aluminum, Lead and Fertilizer
– 3 types for now: Pistol, Rifle, Shotgun

– Breaking down ammo:
– Station: Reloading Bench
– Perk: Gun Nut
– Returns disassembled bullets with components: related Casing, Lead, Gunpowder, and related Primers

– Explosives:
– Station: Explosives Workbench
– Perk: Demolitions Expert, Nuclear Physicist (for nuclear explosives)


Nexus Mod Manager:
– Activate in NMM
– in the installer:
– Pick a Main plugin version
– the LeveledLists plugin is optional
– use “Full – Common” or “Full – Rare” if you chose anything except “Crafting Only” for the main plugin,
– otherwise use “Crafting Only – Rare” or “Crafting Only – Common”

– extract the following files to your data folder:
– (required) “00 – Resources”
– includes meshes, textures and materials for new items
– (required) Pick one of the 1X folders for the main plugin:
– “10 – Main – Full”
– includes the crafting system and weapon tweaks.
– “11 – Main – NoWeapTweaks”
– includes only the base crafting system without weapon tweaks.
– 12 and 13:
– same as Full and Crafting Only, but without perk requirements on workbenches/ammo/grenade/mine recipes… Cheater. πŸ˜€
– (optional) Pick one of the 2X folders for the leveled list changes:
– Note: not using a LeveledLists plugin will not distribute new ammo types added by the weapon tweaks in the main plugin.
– “20 – LeveledLists – Full_rare”
– Distributes shell casings drained energy cells and new ammo types to loot and vendor lists, makes ammo less common.
– use with 10 or 12 folder for main plugin
– “21 – LeveledLists – Full_normal”
– Distributes shell casings drained energy cells and new ammo types to loot and vendor lists.
– use with 10 or 12 folder for main plugin
– “22 – LeveledLists – NoWeapTweaks_rare”
– Distributes shell casings and drained energy cells to loot and vendor lists, makes ammo less common.
– use with 11 or 13 folder for main plugin
– “23 – LeveledLists – NoWeapTweaks_normal”
– Distributes shell casings and drained energy cells to loot and vendor lists.
– use with 11 or 13 folder for main plugin

Manual Uninstallation:

– delete the following folders:
– Data/Materials/AmmoTweaks/
– Data/Meshes/AmmoTweaks/
– Data/Textures/AmmoTweaks/
– delete the plugins:
– Data/AmmoTweaks – Crafting.esp
– Data/AmmoTweaks – LeveledLists.esp

Compatibility Notes:

Not Tested with the 1.1.30 beta patch, since mods are disabled in it by default.

Should be compatible with the other ammo crafting mods if you like redundancy πŸ™‚

Vanilla forms edited:
– anything that edits these forms will overwrite this mod’s changes if loaded after this one:
– Combat Shotgun (Weapon/CombatShotgun) and its ammo loot leveled list (Leveled Item/LL_Ammo_CombatShotgun)
– Institute Laser (Weapon/Institute)
– Shotgun Shell ammo (Ammunition/AmmoShotgunShell)
– Fusion Cell ammo (Ammunition/AmmoFusionCell)
– Ammo base leveled lists (Leveled Item/LL_*ammoname*)
– Grenade and Mine recipes (Constructible Object/co_chem_GrenadeX and co_chem_MineX)
– if using the optional LeveledLists plugin: vendor and loot leveled lists for ammo

Tools used:

– used to create + edit the plugins
– used to scale and assign new textures + materials to primer, gunpowder, 20 Ga. shotgun shells/box, Small Energy Cells, drained plasma cartridges and drained alien blaster cells.
– also used to make copies of shell casing meshes that can be picked up
Gimp + Blender:
– Texture editing/painting
hex editor (XVI):
– editing compiled .bgsm material files
– NMM install script


– This mod (like all other mods) is not made and/or supported by Bethesda Softworks. Any support requests should go here, not their official forums or support e-mail.
– Since there are no official mod tools yet, consider this mod a work in progress. While I’ve not encountered any problems with it after extensive testing, there may be bugs caused by using unfinished unofficial tools.
– (In other words: Back Up Your Unmodded Save Files if you care about them.)
– Did anyone else see that the texture resolution for Fusion Cells is 2048×2048 by default? :O
– On 20 Ga. shells: Yes, I’m aware that a green shell does not mean that it’s bigger.

Known Bugs:

– Shell casing objects fly off in a random direction if picked up and placed in workshop building mode.
– Since the physics for the 5.56 round meshes are weird by default, the .308 casing mesh is used for 5.56 shell casings at the moment.
– 20 Ga. Shotgun shell ammo is smaller than it should be at the moment since I’m having problems applying scale to all parts of meshes with multiple parts.
— All of these will be fixed once NifSkope is updated to allow importing meshes + collision.

Planned features:

– custom/modified workbench meshes
– custom mesh for small energy cells
– rebalance the component costs
– more primers (preferably one per caliber)
– add gunpowder + primers to leveled lists where appropriate
– work out a more lore-friendly way to recharge energy weapon ammo

– things that will probably require the official mod tools and/or access to scripting:
– more mines + grenades with different effects
– crafting schematic requirements (may require official tools, not sure yet)
– dissect the syringer rifle’s exposed functions to figure out if different ammo types per weapon are possible, and implement them:
– Armor piercing + hollow-point ammunition
– missile and mini nuke variations
– overloaded energy weapon ammo
– cheap (bulk) ammo types with less damage
– critical success ammo (ammo version of legendary/epic items, I guess)
– energy cells for pistols, microfusion cells for rifles
– random chance of an empty fusion core when ‘harvesting’ them
– empty fusion core added to inventory when depleted from use
– random chance to add empty variation of ammo on fire
– change leveled list tweaks to be applied with a script instead of editing forms

Credits: isathar
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