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Cell Ripper – Settlement Save Transfer Tool

This tool can copy constructed objects and settlers from one save to another. This means settlements can be shared, and you can bring over your settlements into a new game.

It seems to work, and its pretty exciting, I’d like to hear about your results and issues. You should definitely keep your original saves around for now, because this could easily break things!

Copy a settlement from one save to another.
1. Browse for Fallout4.esm in the top slot.
2. Browse for the source save (with the settlement you want to copy) in the middle slot.
3. Browse for the target save in the bottom slot.
4. Select the settlement you want to copy.
5. Press Transfer Cell Objects and a new save file will be created.
6. Load up the new save and verify it worked!

Reset a settlement to VANILLA.
1. Browse for Fallout4.esm in the top slot.
2. Browse for your save (with the settlement you want to reset) in the middle slot.
3. Select the settlement you want to reset.
4. Press Reset Cell Objects and a new save file will be created.
5. Load up the new save and verify it worked!

Expect to lose any items, settlers, or other random things in the cells (and possibly nearby or related cells) in the target save, remove anything you care about from the location first.

– The list of cells included in each settlement has to be verified, until then some objects in some settlements may not be copied and extra objects may erroneously be copied.
– Objects poking out of a settlement zone might not get copied.
– Objects added by mods probably won’t work correctly at this time.
– Powered objects may need to be disconnected and reconnected to your power grid before they function.
– When resetting a settlement, enemies will return (if there were any) and they will probably T-Pose.

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Credits: xatmos
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6 Responses

  1. Nick says:

    This crashes the savegames I use it on. Do you have any clearer instructions on how to use this? I am not having any success at all.

  2. Jean-François says:

    Always get successfull transfer! This program has saved my ass soo many time. Can’t way for an update for Far harbor 4 settlements! Please, add them to the program 🙂

  3. Jean-François says:

    I forgot about the settlement DLC automatron. Please, add this one too.

  4. Seth says:

    I have no crashes when using this tool. It works as described. My biggest problem is that it doesn’t copy mod-added items yet (also as described). I’m super excited about this tool and I hope it can be implemented to transfer all items. Thanks for this awesome and up coming tool.
    @Nick I’m not sure what the issue might be. My biggest problem was that it kept making my save game name too long and therefore it couldn’t save…not hard to fix. Can you be more specific with the problem/conditions thereof? Does the game just CTD every time you try to load a saved game? Is your toon located in the settlement you’re trying to copy? Is the settlement HUGE? What are your system specs? Blah blah blah all of that stuff.

  5. AC1D4T3D says:

    Same problem here. What ever save I’ve brought cells into, crashes. I followed the instructions, which seem pretty easy, but no luck. What am I doing wrong?

  6. Jean-François Viau says:

    If you want to test your settlement cells, use the console command: scrappall. If your cells are fine, it will scrap everything. If not, you’re gonna get CTD.

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