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New summer atmosphere in Commonwealth.

First beta version. For testing only!

new grass textures (beta version)
new landscape textures (beta version)
new buildings textures (experimental version)
new parallax for all landscape textures (experimental version)
new ambient sound (wild jungle) (demo version)
new game atmosphere

copy all files to game directory,
download Enbseries v291 and copy d3d11.dll and d3dcompiler_46e.dll into your game folder,
activate resmod.esp

Fr4nsson (Fr4nsson’s Light Tweaks v 1.0)
Boris Vorontsov (ENBSeries)

Credits: ResurrectionDev
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17 Responses

  1. David says:

    I got it but there is no grass. Can you help please?

    • Hemp says:

      Yes it works perfectly! I’m running with a GTX 1060 (Not the best 1060) and even a massive weather mod and getting 50-60 fps. Look beautiful.

    • denon169 says:

      No grass you say?, I was having this issue with some other mods a while ago, on your fallout 4 standard launcher in the settings menu, make sure decal quantity is upped and grass fade is upped as well

    • dadssadas says:

      get grasslands on nexus

    • echee says:

      if it has ba2 files just unpack em with the bae (bethesda archive extractor) and your done

  2. Parsis says:

    Thank you so much for your work and efforts, by all means having the mod available here or wherever it may be is a great deed, and I wish you well.

  3. DrDickButt says:

    This mod is incredibly gamebreaking.
    Unless you don’t mind typing ‘disable’ a couple hundred times in the console, don’t bother

    Its beautiful alright, and I somehow can’t play the game without it. But when quest-locations (Breakheart Banks) become inaccessible because 16 friggin trees are stacked so close to each other that not even the NPC’s can move – at all – it kinda gets old.
    Also, and this I guess is a personal preference, the roads are now littered with trees, making traveling a pestilence.

  4. kuruchov says:

    no grass on the roads or any where else, help!!!

  5. Daz says:

    Download link not working. Can you please fix?

  6. ALAN . says:

    hi there tell me am i have to download all these parts or it’s only one part i have to download it?

  7. Quito says:

    idk if im being dumb but i cant download can anyone help?

  8. Mike says:

    I followed the instruction, last textures looked great. Skybox completely disappeared, no clouds, nada, just grayish blue sky and a massive artifact when looking at the sun.

  9. alber says:

    disculpad alguien sabe como puedo installar este mod? soy nuevo con el pc i este mod hace mucho que lo estaba buscando, i al no estar en nexus mods no se como instalarlo. apreciaria muchpo cualquier ayuda

    • SULAJ says:

      I have already installed this mod before and it works !!! I don’t know if the author really stole the assets and if it was so good that nexus decided to remove it without a really logical explanation .. transform your fallout 4 into a real jungle .. today with a somewhat more powerful graphic than my old and beloved gtx 980ti I’m going to try it again .. to install it I think I unzipped the rar and put it in the data folder of the fallout 4 game and another option is in nnm greetings and good luck! … pdta: if you are out there creator of this great mod thank you !!!!

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