CROSS Uni Headset

CROSS Uni Headset

This mod requires AWKCR.
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CROSS Uni Headset


Install note: This mod uses a ESM file to help consolidate keyword usage across several of my projects, this ESM is provided in all mods that require it, so don’t worry about overwriting it when installing.

This project started out as a way to toy around with decals, and turned into something worth releasing.

Adds the Uni Headset to the AWKCR workbench. The headset has two primary variations, worn on head, and worn around neck. It also has some secondary variations to remove/alter the mic/antenna individually, along with 32ish possible color variations with chrome/matte paints, finally it has 8 decals that apply to both sides.

The AWKCR menu has several versions of the headset, each one uses a different slot so that the headset can be worn with other items. Each version has its slot designation in its description when you build it. (slot 47-Eyewear is the only head slot that can be worn with Power Armor that doesn’t remove hair)

As of version 1.01: The Beret and Helmet are also in the HEADGEAR menu of AWKCR armorsmith bench. By default they use shapes similar to vanilla meshes, take them to a standard armorbench and alter their style setting to switch to their headset compatible meshes. Both styles for both items can be use palettes and index colors, as well as decals.

Check the OPTIONAL FILES section for an extra ESP that adds the headset to headgear leveled lists for BoS and Gunner NPCS.

Decal choices (as of initial release):
Hello Kitty
Nuka Cola
Slocum’s Joe

All variations can use v3 and vBoS palettes from Pre-War Cybernetics.
Check the palette guides in screenshots for help finding colors:


Version notes:

Added Beret
Added Helmet
Both beret and helmet are ‘uni-ized’, but otherwise they have the same stats at their vanilla counter-parts.
-They can use v3 and vBoS palettes
-They have 2 styles each, normal and a remeshed ‘fit-to-headset’
-They both have decal slots, with the same assortment of decals as the headset



Crafted under HEADGEAR of AWKCR armorsmith workbench. Or, if you have the optional leveled list addon, can be found randomly being worn by Gunners and BoS NPCs (the Leveled list version uses the Eyewear slot).

All visual variations are done at a standard armor bench.


This mod was made with:
NifSkope, assigning materials/textures.
xEdit, making the plugin.
Material Editor, assigning textures via materials.
Outfit studio, by Ousnius, Bodyslide files.


Credits: Niero
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