GunNUT Crafting

GunNUT Crafting

– 10mm Pistol now can use .45 ammo with decent damage and better critical
– add all Ammo and Lead recipes

1.1 10 December 2015
– Lead is quite rare so i create a recipe for it in UTILITY menu; otherwise the ammo recipes will be quite useless

1.0a 09 December 2015
– change sound effect to Pistol44; originally .50cal but seems broken; u still can use v1.0 if u like .50cal sound but you have to wait for Beth or someone else to fix it

1.0 09 December 2015
– initial relase

– add GunNutCrafting.esp to ..AppData\Local\Fallout4\plugins.txt then make it READ-ONLY; or whatever tools that can add a plugins/mods

– once upon a time i create GunNutCrafting for FNV (somehow i couldn’t find it here, maybe i delete it) now for FO4
– haven’t completed the game; played for 20hours or so
– i can’t add a new menu – either i’m stupid or it was hard-coded/scripted – AMMO menu appear with a blank title while .45RECEIVER doesn’t appear at all; so i replace HeavierFrame to .45RECEIVER and SyringerAmmo to AMMO
– added ammo crafting (just like the old one) can’t say mine is proper or better cause everyone has different taste; all i want is to share..
– Flare 5mm 5.66mm 10mm .308 .38 .44 .45 .50 ShotgunShell FlamerFuel Missile MiniNuke Cannonball RailwaySpike FusionCell PlasmaCartridge CyroCell Gamma AlienBlaster
– .45Receiver sound effect still like the original πŸ™
– created using FO4Edit
– FO4Edit always say there’s an ‘Unused data’ in 45Receiver; probably a bug in FO4Edit and it works as i intended; FYI: i copied to a new address and the problem is gone
– should be compatible with all the mods out there that doesn’t change 10mm Pistol-HEAVIERFRAME-mods
– future plan? maybe messing with other calibration or add old-vanilla-gun like lever-action rifle/lincon repeater from FO3 (or was it FNV?) but no promises
– don’t bother to complain the recipes ingredients, i’m not a gunsmith!
– if you guys wondering where i got the recipes, i use Mine/Grenade recipes as a reference, minimum use of rare components, a tiny bit of real-life science and 6 as a base of output; but still seems ridicolous πŸ˜€
– no request (at least for now) ..have fun!

– Bethesda
– FO4Edit team

Credits: freakX
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