Interface Hard Coded Key Tweaks Fallout 4 version

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Interface Hard Coded Key Tweaks Fallout 4 version

This program lets you edit the Hard coded keys in Fallout 4. It produces a CustomControlMap.txt file that can be used with F4SE. You have to have F4SE for this too work.

I asked crazygnexus for the code to his Interface Hard Coded Key Tweaks program for skyrim so I could edit it to work with Fallout 4.He said yes and gave me the source code and here it is, a edited version of his program that works for Fallout 4.

Credit for the original program goes to crazygnexus.

THIS PROGRAM IS IN BETA RIGHT NOW, But it should work fine.

I’m no real programmer and this is a fast and dirty fixed up version of his program, But it works and that’s what matter.There could be bugs I don’t know yet it needs more time and testing too see and what better why to get that done then let everyone have at it.

The only bug I have noticed is when you bind some key with the program they no longer show up in the games controls menu.Not that you need them to you have already bound them to what you want.

Some commands say “Not Documented Yet” even thought its obvious what they do, I just have not got around to editing the cmd_descriptions.txt with there info.

Let me know if you find any bugs or learn what some of the undocumented commands do so I can add that info to there descriptions.

Want more info read the readme.txt

Also here is a way to have a separate grenade and melee key.You have to have autohotkey.

Make a script and put this in it.

Send {d down}{d up}
KeyWait, Lshift

How it works:

In game I have d set to the melee\grenade key.

What the script does is when you hit Lshift it presses and releases d, But it dose not allow it to be held down.So it only uses the melee attack.

I have the fThrowDelay in my ini set really low 0.05, so when I hit the d key it throws the grenade immediately.

So to edit the script for you own use set the in game melee\grenade command to the key you want to throw grenades replace d in the script with that key, and set the other key in the script ( Lshift in the example script) to what you want to be just melee.

Credits: SomeThingEviL
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