Shishkabab Katana

Shishkabab Katana

Moderators, if I have breached any terms of service, please send me a PM and I will fix/remove the mod accordingly.

This mod adds a stand-alone restored Shishkabab Katana to the game. Because Skyrim-forged katanas are far too fancy for us wastelanders.

Main things that were fixed are:
– The Guard (The shape looked like it was cut intentionally, but the texture said otherwise)
– Thinned the blade (Not thickness, the size didn’t fit the handle before)
– Made the blade longer (In the katana references I used, the blade was around two and a half handles long)
– Made the blade curve more smoothly (The old one was crooked. Curved. Swords.)

Also, I changed the base damage from 13 to 20 (Higher than the Chinese Officer Sword) but no elemental damage.

The automatic way,
Simply open the NMM or another mod manager of your choice, add this mod to your list (Green + symbol on NMM), and activate it (Green Checkmark symbol).

The manual way,
Drag and drop everything into your Fallout 4 data folder.

How to get:
Open the console with ~

Then type in, player.additem XX000XXX 1
XX being the number of the load order under the plugins tab on NMM.
XXX being the last 3 digits of the item ID(s) below.
1 being the amount you want to add.

XX000800 – Shishkabab Katana

Example: player.additem 1000800 1

The same, double click on the mod to uninstall it (Or Red Cancel symbol) then press the Red X symbol to remove it. For those who installed it the manual way, remove all files associated with this mod from the data folder.

None. But I am aware that there’s a bit of a texture problem, I’m not sure what is causing it at the moment but when I figure it out, I’ll post an update.

Me, myself, and I.

Credits: ArekkusuStorm
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