The Slog – expanded and irrigated

The Slog – expanded and irrigated

So, different to my other settlement e.g. area expansion, I did some more changes, to include the nearby shore.

Since the area for The Slog is a simple rectangular draw, with no overlapping or cutoffs, it should do no harm, when re-centering the area.

That’s what I did, expanding the area slighty up the hillside and to the road, while keeping it close to the orignal size towards Saugus Ironworks.

I could’ve simply raised the size of the area, like others have done, but this would have brought the border vis-a-vis Saugus way too close to it, resulting in permanent activity of the placed turrets.

The gaps on the roadside, caused by the steel steps can be closed by using the modpos command.

No known issues, no cell reset, so have fun with it.

Update March 1, 2016:

As per request/idea from NexusSatyr, I made the area even bigger to include the Diner at the road and some of the hillside, so you can almost even it and can detect enemys afar.

I haven’t fully tested the changes, but as you can see on the additonal image, it was possible to assign a Settler to a stand – not sure if it remains manned or not and if it will be visited by other Settlers.

Maybe it depend on how you fortify your settlement – you can make use of the whole road, if you wanted to, including the bus, but keep in mind that caravans and traders might get stucked, if you fortify the road or block their way in other ways.

Also, it wasn’t possible to put the bed next to the “furniture”, but maybe it will be, if you remove that furniture, not sure about that.

Credits: Eysenbeiss
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