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Videos of the Wasteland

This mod adds a NEW Holotape Player item to the crafting menu under Furniture\Miscellaneous. Craft it and place it near a standard Radiation King TV (Sorry, that big ugly round “Thing” isn’t supported… who decorates their house with that eyesore anyways?), and it should detect the TV. Then just insert a compatible Video Holotape and you too can enjoy the luxury of in-game home entertainment.

To clarify how it works:
-The TV needs to be close enough to the TV to get detected, 200 in-game units. Roughly 1 to 1 and a half meters in real life terms.
-The TV needs power.
-The Unit needs power.
-The TV needs to be on, it won’t auto play a tape if you insert it then turn on the TV.
-If you’ve already inserted a tape, with the TV off, just open and close the video player container and it should start.
-If it simple refuses to work for you, then it’s most likely caused by a mod conflict. There are many mods out there that override the vanilla records!

There are 7 tapes located in a temporary crate outside Vault 111, right where the button to open the vault door is. You may remember the first few seconds of these videos as those pesky annoyances trying to tell you “why you’re S.P.E.C.I.A.L” when all you want to do is start the game.. Now you can watch them at your own leisure, while playing the game. Huzzah!

Watch it on my Youtube channel.

This is based on the work I did in Fallout 3 and New Vegas with my “Television Comes to Fallout” mod that used a “flipbook textures and wavs” system to emulate video playback, which Bethesda also happened to use on the TV in the tutorial sequence… Although their method used a lot of animation loops to extend footage and jump around in it, while mine is a keyframed flipbook from start to finish.

-Anything that alters the vanilla TV and workshop records is going to cause this mod to not work. You can try to counteract this by placing the VotWGeneralPurposePatch.esp last in your load order. But it might not work for every conflict.
-The “Pre-War” Tv added by Homemaker is not supported at the moment, however the mods will run fine together.

-There seems to be an issue in the main game where it doesn’t always distribute power correctly. Moving your gear around should properly reattach it to the power grid.
-Sometimes interacting with the video playter very quickly, without letting it finish a previous task, like unloading a tape, can crash the game.
-Currently not compatible with the big round TVs. No ETA on when it will be either.

Q: Do videos loop or only play through once?
A: They loop, that was always the goal. That way they can run in the background while you potter around.

Q: Does it play AVI/MPG/MP4/FLV/ETC…?
A: It plays dds textures and wavs.

Q: What’s the maximum resolution & length a video tape can be?
A: At the moment each frame is 256×256 pixels (vertically stretched, and re-scaled by the UVs). The current maximum time limit per tape is 6 minutes 49 seconds and 6 milliseconds.

Q: Will you release a tutorial on how I can add my own videos?
A: You missed it, the link is up above.

Q: Can I use parts of your mod in my mod?
A: You can make your own videos and list Videos of the Wasteland as a required download, or use the screens for non TV purposes and give me a credit. Don’t re-distrubute the entire mod with your name on it. That **** ain’t cool.

Q: Can you do make a mod for me? Do this? Do that? Mow my lawn? Feed my cat? Rub my feet? Call me “baby”?
A: Nah.

For any other questions, just PM me and I’ll do my best to get back to you. However I’m not known for my speedy replies…

Thanks to Orvid for Caprica and Champollion, DexesTPP for HKXPack – I couldn’t have made this mod without any of these tools.
Thanks to all the devs who continue to develop Nifskope and Fo4Edit – Modding would be nowhere without you guys.
Thanks to Bethesda for making Fallout 4 as awesome and modder friendly as it is.

Credits: Razorwire
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