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Emergent Properties

Tired of having piles of useless weapon mods lying around? Ever wondered why the Sole Survivor can’t just build a new weapon from those parts he/she just pulled out of her gun? Ever wanted your companions to have their own version of that cool alien blaster you found out in the wastes? If so, Emergent Properties is what you’re looking for!

Download it here, and don’t forget to leave an endorsement: AWKCR

Emergent Properties is a mod designed to add a somewhat more immersive weapon crafting system, either in conjunction with, or independent of, Crafting Workbenches by combining a full set of weapon mods together into a complete weapon. In a resource-starved wasteland where people are shooting each other over bottle caps it is highly unlikely that the precision machines needed to manufacture accurate modern weapons would be available. However, such weapons could be assembled from existing parts found in the Commonwealth by the scrupulous scavenger.

For balance purposes, some weapons that only had 3 mod slots have had specific junk items added to their crafting requirements. These items are: the Junk Jet (High-Powered Magnet), the Minigun (Makeshift Battery), and the Missile Launcher (Medical Liquid Nitrogen Dispenser)

Current feature list includes:
*Craftable Weaponry (*)
*Craftable Uniques (**)

To assemble a weapon, first you must build the Weaponsmith’s Workbench added by AWKCR. Once this is done, find a full set of base modifications for your weapon and bring them to the workbench. From there, you can assemble the weapon.

If you haven’t already, configure your INI settings like so:
Archive Invalidation

Add this row under the [Archive] section of your Fallout4Custom.ini:

Remove everything from sResourceDataDirsFinal so that it’s blank, like this:

I recommend using the Nexus Mod Manager for all of your installations at this phase in the modding community. Once GECK/FO4CK is released more tools will probably be released, but for now stick to NMM.

Nexus Mod Manager:
*Download by clicking “Download With Manager”
*Activate the file by double-clicking

Manual Installation:
If for some reason you don’t want to use NMM,
*Click “Download Manually” and extract the contents into your \Fallout4\Data\ folder
*Open plugins.txt (%appdata%\Fallout4\) and add a line saying Emergent Properties.esp

*Fix issues when GECK is released
*Add weapon mods to the leveled loot lists so they can be found in the world
*Allow assembly of specific weapons using non-standard mods
*Add support for new weapon mods as they are released

(*) – Weapons will sometimes be created with modifications based on your level. Until the GECK/FO4CK is released, there is no way to fix this.
(**) – When crafting a “unique” weapon, the legendary page will open. Just press Enter and it will close, leaving you on the weapon crafting page. Again, until the GECK is released, this cannot be fixed.

Made using FO4Edit and AWKCR

Credits: FreedomsFlame
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