20 Minutes Into The Future II

20 Minutes Into The Future II

*static hiss* Re-re-re-remember me? The te-te-testy pattern sidekick of Edison Carter on Neh-neh-network 23? I am sorry that I ca-ca-can’t be more active right now, perhaps after the Creation Kit is released, Sha-sha-ShadowWhisper or another modder will find a way to m-m-make me more…heh…animated. Until then, I am ju-ju-just a TV sta-sta-static texture replacer that-that-that 80’s kids might ju-ju-just like.

– Max Headroom

Thank you for your interest in the ’20 Minutes Into The Future II’ mod, which differs from the original ’20 Minutes Into The Future’ mod in quite a big way, thus it getting its own page. Changes are afoot for the original mod too, no worries.

The purpose of this mod is to add 30 different televisions to the settlement build menu and it does so via clones of the three televisions available in the base vanilla game, each model outfitted with one of ten faces of Max Headroom for more variety in homes.

The televisions are named ‘Television (Max##)’ to make identification easy, carry the same build specs and requirements as vanilla, and – frankly – look pretty cool in clusters like people tended to have them on the original TV show.

The faces of Max:
Max01 = Max Headroom: Black Suit w. Shades (Smiling)
Max02 = Max Headroom: Black Suit w. Shades (Serious)
Max03 = Max Headroom: Black Suit w. Shades (Chuckling)
Max04 = Max Headroom: Black Suit w. Shades (Snarling)
Max05 = Max Headroom: Black Suit (Smiling)
Max06 = Max Headroom: Black Suit (Concerned)
Max07 = Max Headroom: Black Suit (Shocked)
Max08 = Max Headroom: Black Suit (Smirk)
Max09 = Max Headroom: White Suit w. Black Shades
Max10 = Max Headroom: White Suit w. White Shades

Please pardon the current ‘potato’ screenshots. My F12 key or something was all glitchy and not wanting to snap the shot so I had to console some pics or get flooded with ‘Why no new pics?’ questions

That’s pretty much it. Endorse if you want – I’m not going to beg, nor do I hang my self-worth on the endorsement counter.

– ShadowWhisper

Easy as sin with a mod manager. If you aren’t using a mod manager, well… I’m gonna assume you have both your reasons and the know how to look in the extracted zip and put stuff where it belongs. I don’t pack my mods with unnecessary directory tree branches, so the contents are packaged to dump into Fallout 4’s /Data/ directory as-is. If you can’t find that directory, you might want to stop being stubborn and use a mod manager. Personally, I prefer Mod Organizer 2, but NMM works just as well.

Q: Who the **** is ‘Max Headroom’?
A: He is the titular character from a science fiction show from the 80’s and he is portrayed by Matt Frewer. Well worth a viewing if you can find it anywhere. The basic synopsis of his backstory is that a reporter named Edison Carter (played by the same actor) uncovered a secret about the network that he worked for. He ran from security and was involved in a motorcycle accident as the company’s in-house computer guru basically tried to kill him by lowering a guard arm and raising a blockade ramp. Edison crashed head-first into the guard arm, across which was written the words “Max Headroom” and the height (I can’t recall what it is now). In an effort to find out how much Edison knew about the operation, the computer guru scanned Edison’s brain into the computer and attached it to a digitized animated image of Edison. Max is ‘incomplete’ because just storing the memories and digitized face alone took up, according to Bryce, “…two billion bytes…”, which is roughly the size of a single Bethesda BSA file for those needing a comparison.

(Hey, it was the 80’s – great decade for cheese)

This animated Edison glitched out and took on the name of its first words – Edison’s last memory before the crash – and immediately began to become self-aware, taking steps to avoid any attempts to fix, delete, or even to merely contain him. He became one of Edison’s sidekicks (albeit trapped in the TV) and enjoyed TV success that lasted two seasons, a music video, and even soda sponsorship in ads about Coca-Cola v. Pepsi in the great 80’s ‘Cola Wars’.

Word of warning: The 80’s threw up all over this series, so expect BIG hair and lots of it (Jeffrey Tambor being an exception) A lot of the tech is not the same imagined in Back To The Future, Blade Runner, and other films either. My kids get a good laugh when I point to things like a corded phone that is about the size of a car battery and shout “Telephones….OF THE FUTUREEEEEE!”, etc.,

Q: So why call the mods ’20 Minutes Into The Future’ and not ‘Max Headroom’?
A: The pilot episode was titled “20 Minutes Into The Future”. As far as I can remember, each episode began with a ‘title card’ bearing those same words. Fans usually know this and new folks may click the title in curiosity and get turned onto a great show.

Q: Will a mod based on an 80’s TV show break my immersion?
A: Maybe… Maybe not… YMMV. Max Headroom was dystopian sci-fi – no lasers, aliens, or spaceships. The mood and lifestyles of many of the destitute reminds me a lot of the raiders in the Fallout series. They may be roasting rats to stay alive and living in filth on the streets but, by God, they had TVs. And tons of them. Seriously. Guy living in a car that had been ripped in half? TV mounted where the windshield used to be. Another guy welding while standing on a scaffold? Heavy TV right there on the scaffold with him. Group of bums huddling around a burning trash can? Pile of about five TVs right next to them, all tuned to the same ****ing channel. They watched Network 23 like the people of the Commonwealth listen to DCR. As far as immersion-breaking, I have had users applaud the original texture-replacer mod, one even stating that the mod actually HELPED with their immersion.

Q: Will removing this mod during a play-though break my save?
A: Not only will it do that, but any cat within a 2-mile radius will burst into flames and your children will become staunch worshipers of the man-goat, Satan.
Just kidding. No, it won’t break your save or cause bloat, as there are no scripts, but you will have to go along to all of your settlements and build them replacement TVs as any of the Max TVs will disappear when the mod is uninstalled.

Q: Will this mod break my game?
A: Not in the slightest. It uses its own modified meshes and textures, so nothing vanilla is touched, and has no scripts, so no worries about it creashing any quests. It has been tested by me to be found working with both Settlement Keywords AND standard vanilla. It does not (as far as I know) add to the item cap, as no menus were touched. It should also be compatible with mods like Homemaker and SSex, but I am not sure at the moment, as I use an Settlement Keywords-patched version of Homemaker and do not use SSex.

Q: Is Max on the vanilla TVs too?
A: Not unless you also have the original texture-replacer-only mod, the original ’20 Minutes Into The Future’, installed. I did this so you can still use other replacers as well, i.e. Hypnotoad, etc.,

Q: What are your planned updates?
A: None tight now, save for a bit of testing on a theory. If/when more television are added by either official DLCs or rather noteworthy mods, I may make expansion packs, depending on the popularity of this mod over time.

Q: If you were to die tomorrow, how would you like to go?
A: Dropbear feeding frenzy, on camera, for the Austrailians to use the footage later as a graphic and grisly reminder to tourists to “Look up. Stay alive.”

The creation of this mod took a lot of studying and work on my part, so please do not rip it off, upload it to non-Nexus sites, or merge it into
your own distributed mod without my permission, please.

Bethesda for a wonderful game
Nifscope for a wonderful tool
The creators of FO4Edit for the tool that really made all of this happen.
Lorimar Telepictures for a TV show that was way before its time

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