50 cal Lovin

50 cal Lovin

50 cal Lovin

Improves and enhances several weapons in the game and re-balances a few also. The mod started out just improving the 50 caliber receiver but grew from there. It also improves missile and mini nuke blast radius, missile damage, and plasma damage. Fixes a few bugs relating to weapons and targeting.

I’m a gun nut (in RL) and fell in love with the awesome power and effectiveness of the .50 caliber sniper rifle. It is way under powered in Fallout 4. I increased the damage and range to more realistic levels. I also gave the .50 cal receiver the standard armor piercing upgrade. In RL a standard .50 caliber round can punch through 1″ thick of armor plating (or more). It takes 4″ of bullet proof glass to stop a .50 cal bullet. In WWII it was used as an anti-vehicle and anti-aircraft weapon. When a human takes a direct hit from a .50 cal it is almost always lethal. It can rip limps off and shatter bones. A torso hit almost always results in the person being dead before they hit the ground. A head shot usually results in the head exploding like a pumpkin.

A common method for understanding the actual power of a cartridge is by comparing muzzle energies. The .30-06 Springfield (a powerful .308 round), can produce muzzle energies between 2,000 and 3,000 foot-pounds of energy. The .50 BMG round can produce between 10,000 and 15,000 foot-pounds, depending on its powder and bullet type, as well as the weapon it was fired from.


.50 cal Receiver
100% damage increase (i.e. 2x damage)
50% range increase
Armor Piercing (standard 40% – really should be higher)

Missile – Missile Launcher
50% damage increase (wasn’t any better than a grenade launcher before)
3x blast radius (wipe the dust off that missile launcher and start using it!)

Mini Nuke – Fat Man
3x blast radius (wipe the dust off that Fat Man and start using it!)

Plasma Weapons
33% damage increase (plasma portion of damage)

Two Shot – Legendary mod
Is a multiplier now instead of adding 1 to the rounds fired count. Works great for shotguns now.

Explosive – Legendary mod
Reduced explosion damage by 50% (now 10 down from 15) – was way overpowering on automatic weapons (still is to some extent but better balanced)

Targeting HUD
No longer turns neutral NPCs hostile.

Misc Tweaks
Weapons are effective up to their max range

Bullet Holes are visible from long range

Bullet Brass is now visible on the ground and persists longer

Normal Cells reset in 72 hours

Cleared Cells reset in 7 days

Extremely high. Should work well with large load orders. Should only conflict with mods that alter the same settings.

Load Order
Place anywhere or after other weapon mods.

Mod was made from scratch using FO4Edit
Mod was cleaned and contains no Identical to Master Records or Undeleted or Disabled References

Fallout.ini Edits – Perform these edits manually (yes you)

[Display] fDecalLOD0=20000

[Decals] uMaxDecals=1000

Fallout4Prefs.ini – Perform these edits manually (yes you)

[Decals] uMaxDecals=1000

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