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Agent Outfit

°Agent Outfit°

This little mod adds a set of clothes called “Agent Outfit” to the Armoursmith workbench under the “Rugged Outfits” categorie.(for female characters only)

This a a result of me attempting to figure out FO4 modding this weekend, it started as a test outfit for my character but came out a little better than expected so I thought I’d share.

It’s provided as is and won’t be getting updates so please keep that in mind.(barring some catastrophic issue of course) Expect a little wonkiness, I’m still working out some things.


*This mod requires AWKCR*

Install/Uninstall with your favorite mod manager, you know the drill. If not, start here.


Jordan1q2 for allowing me to use the beautiful JC – Shirt and Jeans mesh, thank you so much!
DaBigPit for the .esp template.
Elianora for pieces from Apocalypse Accessories and Rugged Outfits.(I also totally stole her bundle as a ground item idea because it’s awesome and I have no shame.)
Petrovich for Simply Clothes for Skyrim
invalidfate for the port to Fallout 4
Caliente and co for CBBE
VIitS for the Bodyslide conversion, I can’t thank you enough.<3
The models in the screenshots are Sincerely Piper by Sakizero1 and Loving Piper by koozebane


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