Ammunition – Materials and Aids Resupply (No weight)

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Ammunition – Materials and Aids Resupply (No weight)

Update : add another optional file that give player 50 crops each, open up console and type “bat crops”
* Tired of running out ammo in the middle of a fight, or sick of traveling to a town just to resupply your ammo in a mission, Well don’t!
* This simple mod will give you all ammo and materials type plus some aids ( Stimpak and rad away ). (No weight)
* I also upload 2 option file:
1st file is full version that include 10 Military-Grade Circuit Board, 10 Stealth Boy, 10 Ice cold Nuka Cola Quantum, and 30000 caps (lost some weight after use)
2nd file contain full set of X-01 (Power armor suit) and 100 Fusion Core
Download manually
Extract the file to Data folder or your main file where Fallout4.exe is located. After that, open game and hit “~” to open up console then type “bat lemon” [ Because it easy lol πŸ˜‰ ] and “bat ironman” if you want Power Armor set and Fusion core ( require Power Armor frame )
Chose only one File to use with 2nd file (Lemon or Lemon optional to use with Power armor file)

You can always request for bat mod ( Give weapon, Clothes & Accessories …), just add me on steam or add me as buddy πŸ˜€

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What is this mod use for

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