Any NPC as a Follower

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Any NPC as a Follower

This is a compilation of console commands to expedite the process of turning any NPC in the game into a follower. Simply place the .txt file into your Fallout 4 base directory (where the game’s .exe file is located.) Then in-game bring up the console with the tilde key (~) and click on whom or whatever NPC you want as a follower. After that, type “bat follow” without the quotation marks. Instructions for the next step should appear inside the console itself, which are to type out one last command “forcerefintoalias companion” again ignoring the quotation marks. Now you can exit the console and enjoy the company of whatever nefarious creature or person you’ve selected as your loyal companion.

Note: This process works best on non-hostile creatures, that is ones who haven’t detected you and aren’t currently attacking. Either sneak up on them or use the command “tdetect ” to toggle the AI’s detection.

Special thanks to jedijosh920, Spartan116, Einbjorn, and Nukapedia.

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