Apocalypse Attire – CBBE

Apocalypse Attire – CBBE

Mod adds 10 female CBBE outfits to the game. Use BodySlide if you want your custom preset,
the default meshes packed with the mod are the CBBE base shape seen in the pictures.

As always with layered clothing, they’re kinda superimposed and extreme BodySlide presets can cause clipping stuff.
I tested these with Bombshell preset but I cannot guarantee a no-clip mod. You may want to use Outfit Studio to adjust the outfits for you.

The outfits are meant to be light, so they fit under armour pieces, accessories and so on.

Craft at Armoursmith Workbench. Not armor workbench. Not chem station. ARMOURSMITH workbench, under rugged, vault and casual outfits.

The armour rating is 20, plus 5 rad and 10 energy res. You can upgrade them with Railroad ballistic weave.


Armor & Weapon Keywords Community Resource
CBBE (and Bodyslide of course)
Now. A small disclaimer. This mod is cursed for me. I started over twice and remade the esp once.
I made these for myself and then improved them for release because I’m nice like that.

I’ve got very little patience for stupid crap like “This is too clean” or “That is too dirty.”. I’m not a modeller, or a texture artist, I’m just a house builder trying to entertain herself until F4CK is here. I’m not taking any crap about this mod because it was a hell to get it to this point and I’m happy with it the way it is. So be warned.

Wasteland INK – Heretic Tattoo
My Fenris face paint
Cinematic Excellence ReShade
Valkyr female face textures
Proto Vault Suit
Regent sword by billyro


Concealed Armours
Armoursmith Extended


-CBBE- by Caliente and Ousnius
Jordan1q2 for the JC – Shirt and Jeans
ralfetas for Infiltrator armour
Cloud911 for the Wasteland Girl Armor
DixiePig for Slooty Vault Jumpsuit
DeserterX for the shorts and belt textures
AceGoober for testing ♥


All custom content has been gotten a permission from their original authors.
See the Perms tab, the list is pretty long

:: FAQ ::

Q: You must really like olive green.
A: Yes

Q: You must really like those shorts.
A: Yes.

Q:Your character is creepy!!!11
A: That has nothing to do with the mod.

Q: Make X and Y and edit Z.
A: No.

:: MY FO4 MODS ::

– Crafting Fury 9000 GTX
– Eli’s Mufflers
– Really Red Rocket
– Eli’s Rugged Outfits – CBBE
– Apocalypse Accessories
– Eli’s Sleeveless Outfits (CBBE)
– Eli’s Utility Jumpsuits
– Eli’s Armour Collection Remade
– Eli’s Craftable Flower Pots
– Eli’s Retextures and Recolours
– Eli’s Companions Overhaul
– No More Broken Dressers
– Hawke Blood Smear



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