Army Fatigues CBBE Bodyslide Version – standalone

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Army Fatigues CBBE Bodyslide Version – standalone

This is a CBBE Bodyslide conversion for OpenSaucer’s Camo Variations for army fatigues mod. Standalone version ONLY.

While all the CBBE sliders are supported, this is a quick nif conversion from the excellent OpenSaucer mod. The nifs in the archive are tuned for standard CBBE Curvy preset, but you can modify the shape to match your body tuning with Bodyslide as explained below.
All the features for the fatigues (crafting enhanchment and armor pieces overlapping) are present as in OpenSaucer’s standalone mod.
The mod add also the male versions for vanilla male body (original male nifs are untouched).

Caliente’s Beautiful Bodies Enhancer -CBBE-
(optional for body customization) BodySlide and Outfit Studio

Let the NMM do the magic OR…
put all the content from the archive in your Fallout4/Data folder and activate OsArmyFatigues.esp in your load list

You need Ousnius’s Bodyslide.
1) Go to your Data/tools/BodySLide folder
2) run bodyslide or bodyslideX64 based on your Operating System version (most likely x64 since it is a requirement for Fallout4)
3) set your slider or load your body preset
4) Click on Batch conversion and DESELECT “CBBE Body” – OR – “CBBE NeverNude” if want/don’t want nudity for other dresses (these fatigues don’t care at all)
5) Wait for the conversions
6) Play with your custom body shape.

Getting the fatigues in game:
1) open game console
2) type “help flecktarn 4” to get the flecktarn variation code
2a) type “help woodland 4” to get the woodland/olive woodland variations codes
3) type “player.additem ” to get units of the fatigue you’ve found on step 2/2a

Known Issues:
The area around the pipboy is not perfect. If I manage to get a better result I’ll upload a fix.
V1.1 fixed the gaps. Not perfect but I guess I can’t do any better with the current tools.

Credits to:
Caliente, for the outstanding Body
Ousnius for the Bodyslide/Outfit Studio
OpenSaucer for his mod and kind permission.

Flecktarn Fatigue Olive Woodland Fatigue Woodland Fatigue

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