AUTOcorrect – gun and receiver fixes

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AUTOcorrect – gun and receiver fixes

New patch (by SephDragoon) to sync with Better Weapon Mod Descriptions. I also added a file to work with Re-Ballistic, as well as one for Realistic Guns and Bullets Overhaul (RGBO), my personal favorite gun overhaul mod. Each file contains all the data you need so just use one.

Guns’ properties were dumb. I fixed them. FO4Edit. Started with auto receivers, expanded to a few things that needed it. This is an attempt at as much realism as possible without changing the core game.

What this does:

Removes nonsensical damage and range penalties on all automatic receivers. Yes, including energy weapons. (Recoil and ammo drain are tradeoff enough. Enemies benefit from this too, so it balances.)
Rate of fire fixes for
— Combat Rifle
— Assault Rifle
— Combat Shotgun
— .44 revolver
— Pipe Revolver
— Pipe Bolt-Action
— Hunting Rifle

All at least somewhat faster. I analyzed videos of real-world equivalent guns being fired by professionals/hobbyists and amateurs. For non-autos I tried to go for something in between, like 70/30 leaning pro firing speeds since in FO4 combat is daily life. For full autos I went for as close to reality as possible while holding on to some balance. Semis fire faster but not as fast as you can click. You have to get autos for serious speed, and autos aren’t quite real-life speed – that’s what the rapid receiver is for. It took me a couple hours of testing to get the values right for the various guns. Worth it.

Casing/ shell ejections are more realistic. Again by analyzing real-world video, and tedious trial and error. A subtle change, but details matter IMO. [Note: This only changes ejection speed and direction, so no performance impact – to get casings/shells to stick around longer like in the screenshot, see Rain of Brass] Standard magazine size on Assault Rifle increased to 30 rounds (was 20). To match the Lewis Gun it was based on, and to make it more useful.

Damage adjustments for balance [Note: does not apply to the Re-Ballistic or RGBO versions, which match their respective damage scales] — Combat Rifle > 27 (was 33), because it was inexplicably more powerful than the Assault Rifle, which is higher leveled. Combat Rifle chambers .45, same as pipe revolver which does 24 dam. And it’s more carbine than rifle, but whatever.

— Assault Rifle > 33 (was 30), to take its rightful place from the Combat Rifle.

— Submachine Gun > 22 (was 13), because less would make it worse or equal to 10mm which you get at lvl 1, and more would make it overpowered.

— Pipe Gun > 15 (was 13), to make a pile of junk slightly less junk.

— Minigun > 12 (was 8), same ^

Bayonet range penalties removed

Light Frame Receivers damage penalty removed. Small recoil penalty instead, because it makes sense. Now you can go for max carry capacity without sacrificing self-defense. [RGBO version also slightly increases weight reduction]

Crouching scoped aim bonus increased to 12% (was 5%). A small reward for realistic play style without penalizing Rambos.

Fix for Sentry bot minigun to use 5mm instead of 5.56 (Thanks to guidaye’s RGBO for this.) [For Re-Ballistic version it should show up as 7.62 since they renamed 5mm to that]

Removed ammo capacity reductions on auto lasers and plasmas

Minigun accelerated barrel weight penalty removed (It is less massive than the standard, duh.)

Descriptions reflect changes made

All feedback, suggestions and/or requests are welcome. Please explain your reasoning and I may consider adjustments/updates. I’d love to hear ideas to improve other receivers or weapon types.

My other puny tweaks:
Essential KO – knocked out essential npc’s take longer to get up again
Better Nuka Colas – Nuka Colas heal more & faster
milks hardcore Perk Rebalance – reduced combat bonuses, perk requirements changed to be based on SPECIAL

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