Bakelite Combat Armor

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Bakelite Combat Armor

What is this?
-This is a replacer for the default Combat Armor palette that changes the ‘Fiberglass’ Combat Armor to look like classic marbled Bakelite.

What is Bakelite?
-Bakelite is one of the earliest man-made plastics. It was very commonly used in American-made mid-century appliances, such as telephones and radios. It also appeared on military equipment, including the furniture on some military rifles and more. Bakelite is very hard and resistant to heat, cold, electricity, oil and acid. It is generally dark red or black, but can vary widely in appearance. Some of the most memorable types have a marbled pattern, featuring a dark red base color with several other earthtone colors mixed in.

The default ‘Fiberglass’ Combat Armor skin is fairly similar to the ‘Polymer’ skin, so I decided this would be a lore-friendly way to differentiate them. I initially intended this to be for my own use, but decided to release it to the public.

-This mod will conflict with/overwrite any other mod that changes the default Combat Armor palette. If you are using a mod that changes the Combat Armor palette, I recommend using GIMP or a similar program to copy and paste the portion dedicated to the ‘Fiberglass’ armor into your current Combat Armor palette.

-Simply drag and drop the files over your data folder and all assets will be added accordingly.

-You may use this asset in any non-profit mod. If you use this in your own release I would appreciate some recognition.

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What is this mod use for

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