Bhaal’s Random Power Armor Spawning 1.0

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Bhaal’s Random Power Armor Spawning 1.0

What it does: Changes the spawn levels for power armor on frames around the wasteland. 5 different types of changes from level 1-240, all in one handy FOMOD!

Why it does it: When I started replays of fallout I realized I was only picking up 1-3 suits before I was over level 40 and after that every suit I ran into was X-01 parts of some type. My Ironman-esque display facility was looking pretty redundant even with all the cool paint jobs. This mod changes the spawning level for the various suits to suit a higher level build, depending on which one you choose you can gather armors at a much higher level that are a much lower tier. IE when using the 100 level option you’ll unlock a new tier of spawned armor every 25 levels instead of unlocking them all by level 36.

How it does it: It only changes two Level List items in FO4Edit so it shouldn’t conflict with anything I have seen so far.

Issues: If you have already discovered the Cell where the armor is then it will be whatever it was at your level when you went through there. Works best on a new game obviously!

Two of the mods that inspired these changes:
XP Leveling Linearised-ish by MindfulDroid – Incredible mod for changing how you level and how much XP it takes to get to the next level, lots of options too!
Worsin’s Immersive Power Armor Garage by Worsin – This mod is outstanding in every way, it’s a must have if you love power armor!

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