Build your own Vault

Build your own Vault

First of all: This mod is still a work in progress, but it is already playable up to a certain degree. See Known Issues below for more details. For information about the current progress of the next version check the sticky in the comment section.

What it does:

This mod adds craftable vaults to the game. Each settlement will have its own interior vault, that can be reached trough a craftable load door. Once in the vault you find yourself in a premade entrance area, with an open door leading to nowhere. This is where you start constructing your own personal vault. This mod offers the following caraftable objects:

Small hallways (Structures => Metal => Floors)
Large hallways (Structures => Metal => Walls)
Small rooms (Structures => Metal => Roofs)
Large rooms (Structures => Metal => Stairs)
Free Stairs and Bridges (Structures => Metal => Misc)
Door signs (Structures => Metal => Misc)
Sliding vault doors (Structures => Doors)
Vault entrance (Special)

I know, the categories do not match, but as there are no other objects in these categories while inside the vault, it has to be enough at first. The new objects are also only available when inside the vault, so they will not clutter up your menu when you are outside.

The segments only snap with segments of the same category and doorways. So if you are wondering how to make a transition from small hallway to a room: Use a doorway. I (or other mod authors) may add more segments in the future. Don’t worry if you fall out of the map during the building process (which will happen often). The game engine will detect this and teleport you back after a few seconds.

To get in the vault you have to craft two objects that can both be found in the “Special” category: First craft the frame. It can be snapped to balcony and floor snap points. Then craft the vault door and snap it to the frame. You can now enter the vault by activating the vault door. These two objects are limited to each one per settlement, so if you scrap them you have to exit and reenter workshop mode to make them craftable again.

The following settlements have a craftable vault:

Red Rocket
Sanctuary Hills
Spectacle Island
Starlight Drive-In
The Castle


Known Issues:

As I said, this mod is still in development. Once the CK is out, I will add more details like lighting and a bit clutter to the premade area of the vaults. I will try to resolve the following issues, but some of them will definitely require the CK. Some others are maybe not fixable at all.

The complete vault is not navmeshed, which means NPCs will not walk in it. Same goes for the vault entrance. Will be fixed after CK release.
Settlers will not be able to enter the vault anyway. Will be fixed in next version.
Sometimes the collision does not update correctly after placing a vault segment. You may teleport, find invisible walls or fall through the ground then. A quick reload (f5 => f9) will fix this issue.
Some of the edited meshes do not have a 100% matching collision.

How to install:

Extract the downloaded zip file.
Copy contents into the Data folder inside your Fallout 4 installation directory.
Activate BuildYourOwnVault.esp with your favorite mod manager.

Shameless self advertising:

Snapable Junk Fences
Improved Shack Bridges
Wooden Prefabs Extended
Craftable Balcony Supports
Craftable BOS Barricade
Powered Doors
Craftable Enemy Spawner

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