Bunker Hill – corrected and expanded

Bunker Hill – corrected and expanded

The mod includes the whole area on the “hill”, but leaves enough space on the streets for those Merchants, Traders, Caravans and so on.

My placement of the concrete shack foundation is only showing the maximum area and a suggestion on how to cover the entrances

You can also go almost as high as the Monument, but there are certain things you have to be aware of.

a.) If you remove the vanilla fences, you might witness LOD-issues and should check if your ini contains the following line:
bUseCombinedObject=1 since that seems to prevent those issues.

Most player have bUseCombinedObject=0 in their inis, due to additonal or changed meshes, but this seems not to be necessary, after the first use of these mods, cause they seem to be active even when you are changing the setting to =1.

No guarantee on that.

b.) if you remove the objects that I have marked on the third screenshot, you might witness game crashes when leaving the area and then come back

It might be necessary to leave those objects intact and have the concrete shack foundations end left and right of it, but I need some replies on that, since I also deleted one nearby object by “markfordelete” and just be a dependency referring to this deleted object.

c.) It’s best to put up new defences and turrets, before getting rid of the vanilla defence, cause Bunker Hill is surrounded by several spawn points and nests.

Last, but not least: you will definetly have to be a bit more carefull when changing things at this settlement and doing some quicksaves while re-building the area might save you a lot of time and frustration πŸ˜‰

Oh and no, I have NOT changed the basement, it is NOT accessible as part of the settlement and I won’t change that.

Everything else is as stated on my other pages: cell-reset, respawning bug, container reset might happen, since they are not caused by this mod, but are hardcoded and even happen in pure vanilla games !

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What is this mod use for

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