Capital Wasteland T-45 – Standalone

Capital Wasteland T-45 – Standalone

This material mod is standalone, not a replacer.

Name: Capital Wasteland T-45
Date: 15/1/2016
Last Updated: 15/1/2016
Category: Armour
Author: MikeMoore

The Capital Wasteland T-45

By request of Fuchs303, the Capital Wasteland T-45 is born. complete with a tiny orange cable under the right eye, and a chest/right pauldron emblem to keep you company, the classic Power Armor from Fallout 3’s Capital Wasteland chapter of the Brotherhood of Steel returns to keep you warm and cozy on your journeys. The feeding tubes on either side of the mask are filled with dandy boy mashed potatoes to keep you full while slaughtering ghouls and raiders, giving them a characteristic yellow tinge.

This power armor should give you a charisma bonus while you’re wearing the full set, because you’re just a lovable guy.

T-51-b/T-60/X-01 variants.

This will be put into a full fledged quest mod in the far future that a few friends and I have been working hard towards. This will not be worked on to any extent until the Creation Kit is released.

So far I haven’t found anything worth putting here. You guys should complain more.

– Woah! That sword in that screenshot, it was amazing! Where do I obtain this commodity?

– Look no further, click here to be redirected to that mod!

– Hold on there Mike, I consider myself a humanist and I think the Lyon’s Pride were far superior to any other brotherhood.

– Settle down boy scout, take this mod instead.

– Mike, there’s an emergency! I’ve lost my towel and I am unsure where to obtain a new one. Can you direct me to the nearest towel outlet store?

– No sir. A man should always know where his towel is. I can’t help you on this one.

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