Clean Soups

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Clean Soups

I thought it was stupid that you could only make soup/stew using dirty (irradiated) water, so I changed the crafting recipes for all soups/stews that would normally use Dirty Water to use Purified Water instead. Of course it wouldn’t be very realistic if you could ONLY use Purified Water in your cooking exploits, so I also add irradiated versions of all the effected items that are crafted with Dirty Water instead of Purified Water.

All irradiated versions are exactly the same as their non-irradiated version except they cause radiation damage equal to drinking Dirty Water and there value is half that of the clean version.

As an added bonus, I fixed the value of Slocum’s BuzzBites (value was 0). You can now sell you BuzzBites for a whopping 2 caps. You might have been able to sell them for more, but it turns out that nobody really wants to buy something that burns their mouth when they eat it.

Compatible with everything that does not directly edit these crafting recipes:

Use a mod manager of your choice.

It is recommended that you use or sell all irradiated soups and stews before unistalling as the will disappear once the mod is deactivated.

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What is this mod use for

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