Cozy Lore Friendly Beds – now STANDALONE

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Cozy Lore Friendly Beds – now STANDALONE

A happy medium between the shiny yellow “apocalypse, what apocalypse?” pre-war bed and the urine soaked nightmare mattress post war options. Because blankets are probably not going to be one of those high tech luxuries that end up lost to time.

Update- 1/31

This is now, after about a day and a half of staring at FOEdit and weeping, a STANDALONE mod. It will add four options to the bed menu- the original denim blue version, as well as two multicolored quilts and crochet blanket. They will not overwrite the Sanctuary Hills bed anymore, so you can install whenever you want.
It uses the standard menus so there shouldn’t be any compatibility issues (tested with Homemaker, OCDecorator, and SK- no problems).

I’m working on some single bed versions, too, right now.

I have never seriously attempted a recolor or retexture, so YMMV. I really hated how the pre-war bed stood out, and made this for myself. I have no idea how to turn it into a standalone item, so you probably want to install it after finishing the prologue since it will overwrite the bed in Sanctuary. If someone else wants to do that, be my guest.

This will require a decorating mod that adds the Covenant/pre-war bed. There are about twenty different options. You probably already have at least one of them.

Update: I added a less blurry version by request. I think it makes the pattern repeat more obvious in-game (although it does screenshot better), but putting it out there in case anyone is interested.

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