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Curie the Scientist

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Changes Curie’s appearance, and gives her a lab coat and glasses, so that she can do “Science!” this is what I imagined she’d look like based on her voice. I like to think that Doctor Amari gave Curie one of her spare lab coats, and I thought that the glasses looked good on her. She’ll only have the lab coat and glasses if you are reconnecting with her at the Memory Den right before she becomes Synth Curie, otherwise she should be wearing whatever you have given her.

Mods Used in Screenshots
Appealing Moles (Required or she’ll have big ugly moles)
Freckles- Nose and Cheeks Only
deLuxe – Lip Liner Mask
FCO – HD Eyes
Busty GRRL

I used FO4Edit to create the initial plugin and the Face Ripper tool to copy the face I created into the plugin.


This mod should be compatible with any other mod, as long as it doesn’t change anything under the Editor IDs: EncCurieSynth or CurieHumanOutfit.

MANUAL INSTALLATION (If you didn’t download with NMM)

1. Copy the file “MacCready_MercerAppearance_v1.0.esp” from the unzipped folder that you download from here.
2. Paste it in your Data folder located under Fallout 4/Data wherever you have Fallout 4 installed.
3. If you have NMM but you downloaded and installed manually make sure you activate the check mark in NMM under the “Plugins” tab.
(This is the same process for many mods that only contain an .esp file)

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What is this mod use for

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