Custom Raider Follower – Pre-CK

Custom Raider Follower – Pre-CK

This is a custom raider follower I started a couple days ago. His name is Butch. He may not look like a Raider (partly because of retextures I have) but he acts like a raider, and says raider things.

Oh no! Silly me. I forgot to make sure the Pip-Boy was out of view of the camera. I’ll have to edit that out. xD ^^^^^

Without the CK, console commands are needed (unless I didn’t get the memo). I have a batch file included that has all the commands necessary to make him a working follower (besides the talk option). The last command in the list MUST be entered in before he accepts the stay/follow command. Butch is set to wander around Sanctuary until he is a follower.


Extract the contents of the zip into the Fallout 4 game directory. Or use NMM (install the text files manually to be safe).

Once in the game, type “help Butch 4 NPC_” without quotes. Butch should be listed. Then, type “player.placeatme XX000900” without quotes, and the XX of the load order of the mod. It will show up with the help command. Exit console and he should show up near you. He will start to make his way for Sanctuary, if not already there. Click on him, then type “bat raiderfollower” without quotes. It will do most commands except the last one. I put a ; in front so it doesn’t use the command. The command doesn’t work in bat commands. You must type that in yourself. Exit the console and, if he doesn’t start following you, ready/sheath your weapon once. Now he is (almost) like any other follower.


-If you want to make him stop following you without disabling him completely, ask for someone else to follow you. He will then start walking to Sanctuary. He will still have the command menu. To get rid of that, click on him, then type “setplayerteammate 0” without quotes.

[FILES USED] – None of these are included in the file.

-Simple Male Redux
-Main file
-Optional Sweat file
-True Eyes – Fallout 4 Edition
-Saturated – Soft Lashes
-AlienSlof’s Hair Colours
-Will not list the site, since it’s adult.


-If forced to fight another essential NPC (accidentally shooting them without sifh set to 1), he may start attacking you too.
-To fix, select him then type “stopcombat”. Then, select the other person (or people) and type “stopcombat” for them too.
-Like all (I assume all) custom companions so far, they cannot exit power armor.


-I don’t know how to have him be a follower with other followers. But if you talk to someone and they offer to come with you, they won’t recognize that you already have someone.
-I’m not sure completely if Face Ripper copies textures, so I don’t know if he will look the same in the screenshots if you don’t have Simple Male Redux.
-If you do not have Simple Male Redux, you can use SLM on him and change his face for the Vanilla (or any other retexture) face and tweak him to whatever you want.
-I’ll try and see about uploading a version without SMR, for people who don’t use it and don’t want to use SLM.
-This is just a test for me. Once the CK is out, he will get updated to act like any other companion.
-I’ll try to get him to look more raider like.
-Butch has an upgraded laser rifle for a weapon and his combat style is set to that of a high level raider.
-This may make getting experience from enemies hard if set to a low difficulty, as he may kill the enemies before you can fire a shot (or throw a punch). I didn’t want him to be like any other raider (completely useless).
-Please, no comments about the Fallout 3 Butch. Someone suggested that name and I liked it. It’s as simple as that.
-I don’t expect a bunch of people to want this mod. At least not till after the CK. But to be prepared, absolutely no Face Rips of Butch. He is how I want him. You can Face Rip him all you want on your own game, but any Butch Face Rip mod on the Nexus will get reported.

[NEXT UPDATE] -I edited his face a lot for the screenshots.
-I went in and copied (not stole) the idea from the unique followers mod. His textures and meshes will be in the ButchBody folder in their respective directories. Only vanilla files will be included.

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