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Deadly Predators

Now that Jack is such a high level, I miss the pants-shitting terror I felt everytime a Deathclaw popped from behind a corner while my companion was too busy knocked down to do their meatshieldin’ job. The stingswings are talked up like cazadores, but feel like bloodbugs. The Glowing Sea just doesn’t hold any threat to me anymore… the apex predators of the Commonwealth – now harder, better, faster, stronger!

If you are using v1 Deadly Predators – Full, I recommend an update. Several mobs were incorrectly changed in the first version of DP-Full (some only had level changed, others accidentally had tripled damage or only doubled resistances.) This is fixed in v1.1
Deathclaws, Yao Guai, Rascorpions and Stingwings have all been modified.
-> They all scale up to a max level of 350 now (previously all 35),
-> Their damage has been doubled, and
-> Their resistances (ballistics, energy, poison) have been tripled.

The exception is the ‘tutorial’ Deathclaw in Concord:
-> Renamed to ‘Juvenile Deathclaw’, still scales only to 35
-> Damage increased by 50%, and
-> Resistances doubled.
Hopefully that will still be manageable by fresher characters while living up to the Deathclaw name!

The scaling level will improve their overall health as they level with you better. The resistances will encourage you to be more pro-active in your choice of weapons instead of using one universally. And the damage should punish you for your failure!
I don’t know about you, but suddenly all these predators are scary again… o_o

While triple resistances does look crazy, it is important to note that resistance scaling is not actually linear (they will not ‘block’ three times as much damage). If you do come across something particularly hardy though, don’t forget you have other, completely unresisted elements are your disposal – a molotov or shishkebab’s fire damage will make your point, or you can freeze them into non-existence with the Cryolator.

Having gone through all their ballistic, energy, and poison resistances, I can
tell you what damage types work best against each.

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Alternatively, if you think all those x3 and x2 numbers looks terrifying, but would like these predators to remain relevant throughout the game, give DeadlyPredatorsML a spin – it will ONLY change their max levels to 350 (and name the Concord deathclaw Juvenile), leaving damage and resistances untouched. (It will pretty much scale their health and nothing else.)


[Deadly Predators – Faster Apex] Same as Deadly Predators Full, but Stingwings and Deathclaws have increased speed. They now move about as fast as you sprint. Run for cover!
[Deadly Mirelurks – Full] Most mirlurks +50% damage and double resistance. Hunters are double damage and resistance. Kings and Queens double damage and resistances. (Includes special weapons like the sonic blast.) Babby mirelurks unchanged. Also has [ – Max Level] only version.

Install by dragging the unzipped *.esp into your Fallout4/Data folder. Enable using NMM or by modifying your plugins.ini file.
Don’t know why it isn’t working? You might not have set up for mods yet. Follow directions on this guide.
To remove, delete or disable the *.esp. For safest file handling, revert to a save before installation.

[CAUTION] This mod was build with FO4Edit. While this is a far safer alternative to FO4snip, it is still made using third-party tools not evaluated by Bethesda, and may result in shenanigans with your saved game, including as a result of future patches.

Credits: snackrat
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