Debris Removal

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Debris Removal

Q: what are your method?
A: ‘Initially Disabled’ some debris, clutter, rubble, trash and other minor stuff in Worldspace

Q: what is your objective or main idea?
A: to gain performance in CityRuins/Downtown area

Q: performance? really? how come?
A: since those debris are not drawn, there’ll be some empty space in our VRAM to breath, may not be significant boost but its there

Q: side effects?
A: beside cleaner enviroment? there may be some strange fenomena like:
– accessible area; where it supposed to be blocked by a debris
– inaccessible area; where it supposed to be a debris to ‘climb-on’
– flying/hovering objects; where it supposed to be a debris beneath/around
– flickering floor (or perhaps ugly-scene); where it supposed to be covered by debris/bricks

Q: can you just remove just the trash?
A: it already created by another modder, but the method is to change the texture; beside i need more speed and debris are mostly insignificant

Q: can you remove Cars too? also Tires while you’re at it!
A: i can but i think they’re like an ‘icon’ or so; however some of them are removed due to the part of ‘road clutter’ or next to the ‘trash’ in FormID

Q: nice! will you continue to update this mod?
A: don’t know, that’s why i’m not using WIP in the first place! i’m using FO4Edit so i’m running blind here plus is really painful to accomplish the whole map! ..however, my objective is CityRuins/Downtown and/or other places that have too much stuttering (for me), maybe i’ll update it.. someday..

Q: you usually say thanks to Bethesda in thanks section? why not now?
A: they playing Lego here! piling up one onto another is not very nice for our VRAM πŸ™‚

– it’s not fully test it! there are some area i’ve ‘cleaned’ but haven’t opened yet; some area i tested is TheFens (around and before DiamondCity) while it’s not perfect (in some scenery) but it’s quite acceptable for me; remember my objective is to gain some performance
– the performance will vary depending on each machine and setting; it may not be significant boost but at least i experience it; ‘monster pc’ won’t see any difference since (i think) they already plaaaying smoothly
– i don’t have the right tools to count FPS but IF you want to test it: travel to USSRiptide save then quit to desktop! now play with and without the mod, walk straight or turn left/right to DiamondCity, feel the movement difference! the ideal place for testing is a (same) full-block-enviroment (which the game currently reading) of debris and without
– since i’m BLiNDY removed them, it may have some unexpected side-effects (read-above); if these thing happens removing this mod will turn all-disabled-stuff back to normal; also i probably can’t fix them
– due to the long hours of monitor radiation and sleepy eyes, i might missed something (or a lot)
– not all debris are removed; some are too stubborn, probably in another sub-block; while other like ‘falling-leaves’ are kept to my liking; i’m a tree-hugger πŸ˜€
– the removal is far from complete; only Block 0,0|Sub-block 0,0 and Block -1,-1|Sub-block -1,-1 |Sub-block -1,-2 are completely ‘cleaned’ well some partial sub-block for testing purpose

– some of those places are (which are NAMED and MAY NOT a complete area)
.DiamondCity/Goodneighbour Interior
.TheFens DiamondCityExt BacksteetApparel BostonPublicLibrary ChestnutHillReservoir I???????e MassPikeTunnel USSRiptide
.BADTFL BunkerHill CabotHouse Cambridge CharlesTown DNPrimeBridge IrishPrideShipyard NorthEndGradeYard OldNorthChurch PickmanGallery POIMilitary PoseidonEnergy TiconderogaStation USSConstitution
.BostonPoliceRationingSite CoastGuardPier EgretToursMarina FairlineHillsEstate FallonsDeptStore FensEvansWay HardwareTown MassPikeTunnelEast MiltonGeneral MQ106TrackingSite NHMFreightDepot RelayTower ShawHighScool WestRoxbury
.BoSBattleSite MaldenCenter MedfordMemorial MedTekResearch RelayTower SlocumsJoeHQ TaffingtonBoatHouse Vault75
.(partial-subs).CambridgePD GreentopNursery CountryCrossing NordhagenBeach EasyCityDown BostonAirport StralightDriveIn DrumlinDiner GorksiCabin

my other MODs
– GunNUT Crafting (add unique ammo properties, re-chamber some weapons and Ammo Crafting like FNV yet more simple)
– Invisible Armor Addon (no visibility of Chest/Arms/Legs Addon)

thanks fO4Edit

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