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Easy DIY Tattoos

UPDATE: Thanks to the awesomeness of Absorbed this file is now available in .psd format for Photoshop users!
Samples uploaded for you to try out, will set up for “download with manager” soon

I love tattoos but like to change them more often than my underwear so I put over 200 high-res tattoos into an .xcf (now converted to .psd also) file to make it easy. To use this file you will need your favorite photo editing software, I used GIMP to create the .xcf file. Versions of both these programs can be downloaded for free. I did most of the tedious part for you, from this point it’s pretty fun picking out your tats. It may seem daunting at first, I tend to lazily skip by mods that require me to do extra stuff so I get it. Those also usually end up being the best mods (Place Everywhere for one) and I get mad at myself for not doing it sooner. The first time you make own custom tattoo set you will see how easy it is with this file. Don’t let these instructions scare you, I tried to make them as detailed as possible. These are more specific to GIMP but Photoshop works almost exactly the same only easier.


Make sure you have the .xcf version if using GIMP or the .psd for Photoshop
Press CRTL-L to open the GIMP layers window.
Tattoos are grouped by body part where they are currently placed, open a group by clicking the “+” next to it.
Click on the little eyeballs to enable/disable each tattoo.
Pick the ones you like in the places you like, some are the same tattoo in different spots.
Some will overlap so you may not be able to use them together unless you move them around. They can also be combined to create new tattoos.
Adjust colors, opacity, and whatever else to your preference. Most of them are already set to my preference which may not be yours.
Once it looks like you want it to look, create a “new from visible” layer (in the “layers” tab) and make sure this new layer is on top in the layers window.
Click the “Export as” option under the “File” tab. *Note: Be sure to click “export as”, not “export”
Navigate to the location of your “Femalebody_d.dds” file and replace it with your new file.
A dialog box will pop up asking you about compression, click the BC3/DTX5 option and check the “generate mipmaps” box.
*Note Absorbed recommends using DTX1 compression for smaller file size. DXT5 works great for me but my machine is relatively new.

Fire up your game and check out your new custom tattoo set.

Photoshop users: If you need more detailed instructions please refer to McGamer’s Tattoo Tutorial. It is only 10 minutes and you can skip to the end because most of it is about what is already in this file.

The standard CBBE nude body texture is included as the base layer. If you want to use a texture (.dds) other than CBBE it’s really easy to add the body texture(s) of your choice in seconds by dragging and dropping or copying and pasting. There are loads of tutorials on this site and Youtube to tell you how to do it if you’re not sure. If you use one that is not CBBE compatible or is male you may have to adjust the positioning of the tattoos, no biggie. The tutorials can give you more detail if you’re not familiar with photo editing software. Most of it I figured out just by clicking stuff to see what it did so I’m not sure I’m even doing it right to tell you how to do it, I just know it works. I’m sure there are steps I left out, if you need some help feel free to ask. I know it sucks getting tripped up on something simple, it took me forever to figure out the CTRL-L thing when it shouldn’t have. There are other ways to do this but I’ve already explained how to build a clock when you just wanted to know what time it is.

I was going to make some sets to upload with this file (samples available for download), but everyone has their own taste in tattoos and mine will probably only appeal to about 3 other people. That said, the tattoos loaded in there are ones I like to see on women when they are dismembering raiders with sledgehammers. Mostly cliche popular ones like flowers, bugs, wings, and tribal…mostly. There are also faction tattoos so your character can proudly display her affiliation – on her ass. There are no dragons or skulls in there because they scare me. Please add your own tattoos and reupload the file so I can have some new ones without having to do all the work. Also please do upload a screenshot of your custom tattoo set so other users [mainly me] can see what you created.

I wasn’t planning on releasing this as is so sorry it’s not very polished. My goal was/is to figure out how to change tattoos in-game via a tattoo store, maybe by repurposing a barber chair or something. However I’m not very smart so if you have ideas let’s talk, who knows when GECK will ever get here.

Some of my other mediocre mods:
CombatCleavage – Enhanced Sideboob Edition this is the chest piece my lovely tattoo models are wearing
US Military Power Armor Paint
IDF Alarm
Thanks to Nero1n for being cool, be sure to check out his Wasteland Ink series

*Edit: The screenshots are just some samples. With 200 or so tattoos the possible combinations are like …who am I kidding, I don’t know how to do math. It’s a lot though, probably enough that no two user created sets will ever be the same. Your tat set will be totally unique for your character.

BumNanner said ” I decided to do some, by using only 8 tattoos, the possible combinations of 8 different tattoos is 55,098,996,177,225.
Fifty-five trillion, ninety-eight billion, nine hundred ninety-six million, one
hundred seventy-seven thousand, two hundred twenty-five.
So yes, plenty enough for no two users to create the same combination of tattoos.”

There you have it, BumNanner did the math so now it’s official. No other being in the entire universe until the end of time will have the same tattoo set as your character πŸ˜‰

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