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FO4 Interface Label Changer

If you are left handed like me (or don’t like the preset keys in the menus), you were also disappointed by limitations of the vanilla configuration options. Using a CustomControlMap.txt will let you use any key for anything, but gets you only that far: The interface won’t show your choices in most cases.

This mod solves this problem!

This app changes the interface labels by decompiling interface SWFs, then editing and recompiling them by your choice.

You can set the identifier points to the translation text file ( example: “$TAKE ALL” ) and the keyhints the game shows in the menus ( same example: “R” ).

It will make mod files for the interface directory, you can even use it to relabel the keys and functions in your existing interface mods. Just follow the instructions by the application.

This app only read the game files and make mods. Do not get confused by decompile / recompile the result is an swf mod you can redistribute and like like any other on nexus. The required files you’ll download do not interact with the game at all.

Note: the bindings of ccmtxt row to keyhint function is still incomplete. I’ll do it when i have the time, have to do a lot of trial and error.

Please report bugs and CCMtxt binding mismatch in the bugs section.
Also if you find new bindings send them too, as you can see a lot of them still missing. You can change the labels for key codes and also the definition in config.json.

Need help:

Report problems in bugs section please!

All settings and definitions are stored in config.json:

There are empty values: “CCMtxtID”: “” in the labels group, this contains the pair in the customcontrolmap.txt:
2 line endings provides the separator between groups, the CCMtxtID format is: “GroupNumber,ControlName” so like: “CCMtxtID”: “2,Accept” everything in this file IS CASE SENSITIVE, except the settings group.

There are empty values: “Label”: “” in the keycodes group, this contains the pair in for the windows virtual key code stored in the CustomControlMap.txt. This label will be written in the interface if you import.

Need a nice ingame screenshot to show capabilities.

If someone would take the time and help me with these that would be great.

How to install:

You will need two apps, Nexus will give you the links on download and the NMM installer contains the links on the selection menu.

FFDec: The decompiler, its an easy install, install wherever. [small and open source, wont make changes to your windows, but will install java if you don’t have]

ba2extract: This is the ba2 decompressor my app uses, its part of the F4SE Fallout 4 Tools.

NMM install:
just install.

Manual install:
Create a directory like: FO4InterfaceLabelChanger in Fallout4GameDir\Data\ and copy all the files from FO4ILC xxxx.7z\files\ to it.

How to use:

Run Fallout4GameDir\data\FO4InterfaceLabelChanger\FO4InterfaceLabelChanger.exe

For best experience use F4SE’s CustomControlMap.txt and relabel the interface with the settings!
Use the import button.
Combined labels can be too long, so after import check labels and edit to your liking.
Double click a row to change labels manually.
After saving, you can choose to move recompiled files to their place automatically.
Usage is pretty straight forward. Read the message boxes!


how to make line breaks in the fomod installer xml’s cdata?

Huge Thanks to:

Developers of FFdec: JPEXS and the others, because of them I could do this.
Developers of F4SE, especially in this for ba2extract.exe in this case, great command line tool. Actually Huge Thanks for the Script Extender also.
Developers of AutoHotKey and GeekDude [ He was really nice and help me a lot, but AHK: never again ]

Credits: retekkid
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