GAMEPAD PLUS – Quicksave Screenshot Quickselect

GAMEPAD PLUS – Quicksave Screenshot Quickselect

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Adds extra button functionality and tweaks for greater gamepad control

See the screenshots for button layouts and how to change hold times.

Given the restrictions Bethesda put on simultaneous keyboard and ganepad use, this is not as far reaching as my Witcher 3 Gamepad Plus release but I made it for personal use so thought I may as well put it up here. I would suggest having a similar favourites loadout as you can see in the screenshots as there’s a logic to it but I’m sure you’ll have your own logic.

0 – to work with all default gamepad keybindings (you lose one hotkey)
1 – to work with all default gamepad keybindings but Jump swapped to B with Pipboy set to Y.
2 – to work with all default gamepad keybindings but Jump swapped to B with Pipboy set to Y and Sprint swapped to LB with VATS set to LStick.

Download Gamepad Plus, Antimicro and, if your screenshot key is ‘Printscreen’, Autohotkey.

1. Open Antimicro and untick ‘Key Repeat’ in ‘options/settings’

2. In Antimicro press ‘load’ and navigate to your chosen ‘GPP-FO4-X.gamecontroller’

The final step depends on what key your screenshot key is:
If your screenshot key is Printscreen follow step 3a, if it’s another key, follow step 3b:

3a. If your screenshot key is Printscreen (eg. if you’re using an enb/sweetfx/reshade), install Autohotkey and then run the .ahk file (as administrator) supplied with Gamepad Plus.

3b. You will need to set a screenshot key in antimicro. See the image ‘How to set screenshot key’. Once set, click ‘save’.

Antimicro 2.20.2 will need to be running whilst you play (it doesn’t alter performance).

Make sure Antimicro is on ‘Set 1’ (it is by default and there’s no reason it should change)

(Maybe) An Xbox gamepad -quicksave and screenshot are located on the guide button. It may work on other gamepads

If applicable to you, Autohotkey will need to be running whilst you play (it doesn’t alter performance)

XBox Guide button not working?
Try uninstalling Microsoft Xbox 360 Accessories from add/remove in control panel. It will get rid of the battery indicator pop up which can cause functionality problems. The gamepad will still work fine.

In antimicro, press (spam) ‘remove’ until you have a fresh profile and load up Gamepad Plus again. Sometimes changing profiles causing keys in the profile not to change in antimicro

(Windows 10)
1.Open your browser, hit Windows key+G
2.A small window should appear, check “yes, this is a game”
3.Open the settings button at the right end of the window
4.Uncheck “open game bar using X on a controller” (to remove guide button conflicts) and uncheck “remember this as a game” (so your browser isn’t considered a game should you want to keep using this new feature)

Credits: Bandu
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