Greenetech Sojourn

Greenetech Sojourn

– Added a workshop to Greenetech Genetics rooftop.
– Added a fusebox to Greenetech Genetics rooftop. It provides 100 power.
– Removed the skeleton and ammo box from the roof.

– Allow fusebox to be scrapped.
– Adding objects to the roof, to scrap or keep during new playthroughs.
– A conditional fast travel target or lift is a future necessity. Navigating the entire building takes too long.
– Option to send companions to this settlement (under consideration).
– Compatibility with other mods, if/where necessary.

Always read the changelog here before updating this mod.

This mod overrides/replaces:
– Greenetech Genetics exterior cell and COC target
– The skeleton and ammo box on the roof
– Skyscraper high-tech roof floor-surfaces

I will address these issues in future versions, to the best of my ability. If you can contribute advice, PM me.

– The fusebox can be moved, but not (yet) scrapped.
– The 100 power provided by the fusebox is not added to the settlement total power. (Vanilla bug?)
– The settlement editing border will need adjustment to match up with the X/Y build perimeter.
– Because there is no dirt or water on the roof, you cannot build pumps. I foresee some sort of faucet in the future.

My v2 Series Mods:
DESTROY ALL: Cricket v2
Emergent Design: CURIE v2
Rough in the Diamond: Piper v2
Uncaged: Cait v2

My Other Mods:
Greenetech Sojourn

I am a brute-force mod author. I have no idea what I’m doing. Backup your saves. Use at your own risk.

– ElminsterAU, Hlp, Zilav, and Sharlikran — FO4Edit
– Soupcan Harry

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