highpitched Poseidon energy Sweet_ENb FX

highpitched Poseidon energy Sweet_ENb FX

HighPitched’s Poseidon energy Sweet_ENb FX

Hello Im not english, so escuse me for write with error.

I work on it for fun, since 3 month and now the enb is more stable (thx to Boris) so i decide to publish it .

This is a vibrant enb, colorfull, not realstic, the sun is a big star, the sky is a beautiful artificial green silk (More the night).

Enb with Fantasy colours a lot ^^ , with sweet fx (shader,dpx,dither,SMAA) more vibrant scenery.

Its designed for Enb 0.291 only, with or without Dof (optional file include)

Its run on Middle end pc.

I know it is not the taste of everyone,

I hope you enjoy


You MUST install :
True Storms – Wasteland Edition
Darker Nights (Level 2 Dark)
Fr4nsson’s Light Tweaks.
Evil Institute HD by bLaCkShAd0w (Better for Bloom effect)
(link below)

Recommended mod

Fr4nsson’s Light Tweaks

Darker Nights

True Storms – Wasteland Edition

Evil Institute HD by bLaCkShAd0w

Vivid Fallout – Landscapes – Textures in HD — and all his mod ))

A Little Bit of Green (Realistic Touch of Green Edit)

WET – Water Enhancement Textures

Waterworld – Blue and Translucent Water


very Low fps impact, Middle pc and more.
NOTE: ENB MUST be installed manually; it is NOT compatible with any mod manager.

Prior to Installation

-Calibrate your monitor(s). Lagom is great for LCD displays. For laptop users with limited controls use the Windows tool:
Contol Panel >> Color Management >> Advance tab >> Calibrate display

-Make sure your graphic drivers are up to date. If not, please download and install new drivers via a clean installation.

-Download the ENB here.
Save the folder you just downloaded on your desktop.

(OPTIONAL) Configure enblocal.ini to suit your system;

-Back up your game INIs.
Back up your game saves

-Extract the d3d9.dll file into your root fallout4 folder. You do not need any other files except the d3d9.dll. Most ENBs use the Wrapper version . Do not extract the file to the Data folder!
It must be placed the root fallout4 folder to work.
Extract the ENB files folder “highpitched Poseidon energy Sweet_ENb FX 0.1” (version dof or without) into your root fallout4 folder. The same place the d3d9.dll file has been extracted to.


I have put 2 folder in the main file called with dof or without dof,

the optional file contain The ini file, is just for you see what is my setting if you want an exemple

and the plugin.txt its the plugin i use.

coming soon:
Put some of variant version for performance and with or without patch choose what you want.

all the credit and effort goes to : Boris Vorontsov,CeeJay.dk and SweetFX for ENBSeries by woodbyte for tips on sweetfx proxy

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