Immersive Attire Fix

Immersive Attire Fix

Fixes a huge oversight bug that Bethesda made in proper attire for the the Boston and surrounding area region. Greatly enhances the New England immersion.

To be clear, this only replaces the default nude body texture (and for ladies only at the moment) the tools are not yet available without insane multi-discipline skill in depth to make new armor so at the moment I can only repaint things already in game. This is alpha and the first public version, please use carefully. Special instructions to make it work are below.

The purpose of this mod is to give alternatives until proper modding tools are available, it benefits those who demand the absolute maximum in immersion in their first Fall Out play through or who just want to have some style in their intimates as they take time to enjoy the game. Make all your friends the jelz at your screen shot sharing parties!

If you hate the Rad Sox and just want a plain different style or want some alternatives featuring Rad Sox fandom there’s a bunch of options near the bottom you can see.

Warning this is an Alpha release and I obviously have no idea of the full extent of how things function in FO4.)

For this to work you must do these steps:
1. Navigate to your: documents\My Games\Fallout4
2. Open FallOut4.ini
3. Find the line: sResourceDataDirsFinal=STRINGS\
4. Change it to: sResourceDataDirsFinal=STRINGS\, TEXTURES\


#1: Main File: Half and Half: (Shown Above)
(My prefered choice for fandom stated yet not defining you.)
1. This is the main file white Brassierre with Rad Sox Swag panties.

~Rad Sox Panties, Signed on the rear, with the default white bra

#2: Power Fan for Ladies edition.
(If you want my opinion this is to much Rad Sox swag for a lady to wear at once unless they are from Lowell.)

~Rad Sox Panties and Bra

#3: Boston Irish Edition.
(A nice alternative if looking for a bold change.)

~Rad Sox Panties and Bra in green. (No sig on bra just green)

#4: Rad Sox Jungle Camo.
(For the away games.)

#5: Rad Sox Urban Camo.
(Tactical Fandom in urban areas.)

And if you just hate the Rad Sox here’s a few solid colors with no team affiliations on them:

#A: Solid Black.
(Don’t like the white maybe use this)

#B: Jungle Camo
(A pillar in every significant collection)

#C: Urban Camo
(The edge in tactical urban encounters)

#D: Magic Unicorn Rainbows
(Best In Slot for heavy weapon specialists)

Credits: -
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