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Jetpacks Unlimited

If you’re like me you’re a bit baffled by Bethesda’s decision to nerf the greatest power armor mod in the game: The Jet Pack. Not only it’s abilities, but customization options as well. So what can ya do…?

Queue drumroll and trumpets…


Jetpacks Unlimited consists of two packs that include ten unique standalone texture sets:


A fusion of my first two mods, Compact Jetpack and Standard Issue Jetpack, only better.
This is the compact model only.


This is of course the original model, for those of you who want to enhance the game while still maintaining that vanilla feel.
This is the original model only.

To access the new standalone Jet Packs simply use the Power Armor you’d like to modify at a Power Armor Station, and select your choice from the ones listed under the Torso -> Miscellaneous mods.

This demo features the excellent Iron Man X-01 design by Ice. Find it here.
The jetpack is also included in both Jetpacks Unlimited files, with the express permission of Ice!

If you have a texture set (that you created or have the expressed permission of the author to use) that you’d like to see featured in this mod, please feel free to shoot me a message and I will look in to implementing it.


-If you would like the vanilla Jet Pack to also be compact, simply download my other mod Compact Jetpack, and install it. I suggest only doing this with the Jetpacks Unlimited (Compact) pack.

-All variants are standalone. They require the usual perks needed to craft the normal Jet Pack mod.

-Jetpacks Unlimited does not alter any other aspects of the Jet Pack including AP drain, height boundaries, acceleration etc. It is a set of unique standalone models and textures only.*

-The Compact and Vanilla packs should not be used at the same time. They will not play nice.

Unfortunately it seems that without the GECK, swapping out the jetpack’s vanilla 4-flame animation with my 2-flame animation (goes with Compact) is impossible to do in-game. Of course I say that now, but every time I have in my other mod forums I’ve been proven wrong within about 24 hours! Lmao. So here’s hoping that one of you can prove me wrong once again πŸ˜‰

*Also includes all the usual items that go along with craftable mods. Does not alter any vanilla files.

To install mods, please refer to:
Use NMM to download or download manually, then, extract the files and place them directly in the Fallout 4 steamapps\common\Fallout 4\Data folder.



Credits: Ragnarokin
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