Kerrigan Bodysuit Color Changer

Kerrigan Bodysuit Color Changer

To begin with, this requires Kerrigan Bodysuit by guffeh.
Please read the install instructions below.

Makes Kerrigan Bodysuit craftable. (under Kerrigan Bodysuit category) (I don’t know how I had missed this.. It’s craftable in the original mod aswell..)
Crafting requires 3 Adhesive, 8 Leather, 3 Rubber and 3 Steel in all versions.

Vanilla version, at Chemistry Station.
Armorsmith Extended version, at Armorsmith Workbench from AE.
Crafting Workbenches version, at Armor Crafting Workbench from CW.
AE + CW version, at Armor Crafting Workbench from CW.

Adds two mod categories to Kerrigan Bodysuit.
Modding the suit in-game takes place at the vanilla Armor Workbench.
Body Color and Glow
This includes 15 body colors and 1+10 glow variations for each one. (1 No-glow variation and 10 glow variations)
The glow variations for a specific body color appear when the no-glow variation of that color is applied to the suit. E.g. apply Black Fuschia and the rest 10 glow variations for Black Fuschia appear below in the menu.
Glove color
Includes 11 color variations by guffeh and optional 15 color variations by vasstek.
By default the category shows only one color, or two colors if optional glove colors are installed. More colors appear as either one of the base colors from either set is applied.

Four versions
All versions support Legendary Modification, and Railroad ballistic weave from vanilla game.
Vanilla, highly recommended if you don’t have a required mod for none of the versions below.
Armorsmith Extended, recommended if you have AE.
– Allows applying linings and addons to the bodysuit from AE, and changes the crafting location.
Crafting Workbenches, recommended if you have CW.
– Changes the crafting location.
AE and CW, recommended if you have AE and CW.
– Both versions combined. The difference to AE version is the crafting location.

Kerrigan Bodysuit Color Changer 1.1 supports versions 1.2 of Kerrigan Bodysuit and version 1.1 of the new glove textures.
Download Kerrigan Bodysuit and install it normally, make sure to select the option for Color changer. The color choice in installer doesn’t change the function of Color Changer.
If you want to use New Gloves texture for Guffehs kerrigan suit with Color Changer, download “Gloves for kerrigan bodysuit by guffeh all color variations” version 1.1.
Open Gloves for “gloves for kerrigan bodysuit by guffeh all color variations-7272-1-1.7z” and copy folder “variaciones” to “…SteamApps\common\Fallout 4\Data\Textures\Guffeh”. The same destination folder as in step 2.
There should now be 7 files and two folders, Colors and variaciones, in the destination folder mentioned in steps 2. and 4.
Install Color Changer, NMM recommended.

Keep up with guffeh’s updates.

guffed for Kerrigan Bodysuit
vasstek for New Gloves texture for Guffehs kerrigan suit

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What is this mod use for

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