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Modern UI-HUD

Heya everyone!

First of all, this is my first uploaded mod, so I am a noob at all this stuff. I have not tested it out this mod anywhere besides my own rig, so feedback is much appreciated. However, no one has reported any major issues so everything seems to be running smooth!

Make sure to backup your old HUD, you never know what could happen!

Basically a much simpler and less cluttered UI from vanilla. I personally never like the original HUD, as it is to bunched up ,so to speak, and too large. This mod aims to improve upon this.

Before I go on, this is more of a mod for a mod. I started out with My HUD, the mod created by BluemaxDR. I just went off of this and changed the UI to more of my personal taste.

Please check out BluemaxDR’s mod-

If it wasn’t for him, my interest in modding would not of happened! Thanks BluemaxDR! Please go ahead and endorse his mod, as it is fantastic!

A list of things this mod changes/ is in BluemaxDR’s mod-

1) Compass is made to it is up top, and you can only see North, West, South, and east icons (Optional Full Compass File)
2) Removed flashlight icon
3) Made reserve ammo and clip count smaller
4) Removed AP and HP text from bars
5) Moved HP and AP bars towards the corners of the screen
6) Crosshair removed (Dot when ADS in 3rd person)
7) Fonts are all smaller
8) Sneak meter moved to the bottom of the screen
9) Removed quick loot window button prompts

I’ll try and address anyone’s and everyone’s comments and concerns, but again, I am new to this whole thing.

Also, I’m not sure, but this mod might look weird if your resolution is not 1920x1080p


Just extract Interface file into Data file and overwrite your original HUD

This mod was created using JPEXS Flash Decompiler and Goomashroom’s UI mod tutorial.

Credits: NigthHawkInLight
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